Narada, a global leading company in energy solutions, based on the core technology of battery, has forged a strategic partnership with iEZ Global and Dios Enterprise, to address the Philippines’ issues with power storage. “There is a clear problem with storing and providing power in small towns in the Philippines,” says IEZ Global Spokesperson Charz Kelso. “Narada, together with Dios Enterprise and IEZ Global, will work very closely with the Philippine Government in providing the technology to store energy and providing power even at night to those places.”
narada Contract Signing
Narada has been working in the battery industry for 24 years, and their products and solutions has been providing energy storage, motive power, Telecom & data center to more than 150 countries around the world. Narada provides high reliable, energy-efficient emergency power products for customers who include Vodafone, Telefonica, America Telecom, Veon, China Telecom, Singtel, HuaWei, Alibaba, Baidu, Nokia, and our local telecom operator Globe for more than 8 years.
Narada is committed to promoting the development of green renewable energy globally. Their energy storage technologies are widely used in renewable energy grid-connections, frequency regulation, peak shifting, industrial and commercial energy storage, micro grid and distributed power supply.
‘In 2017, we have provided and installed Energy Storage System of 340MWh and ranking second biggest in the world (Bloomberg data shows)’, says Narada CEO Chen Bo. We have engaged strategic partnerships with many energy companies globally to contribute to the development of renewable energy.’  ‘We plan to do the same here in the Philippines.’
Narada and partners IEZ GLOBAL and Dios Enterprise are looking forward to serving the Philippines by bringing their best products, technology and services for a green and better earth.
Hope this partnership will help our Mommshies perform their duties well and more importantly, see our provinces out of power shortages.
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