A good basketball skill set can be acquired, especially by the young wired to embrace the beloved sport. How it’s actually achievable depends on the know-how and its proper execution.

CholoCamp has fast-emerged as among the most effective basketball programs for the youth because of that very reason. Small wonder its founder, the highly experienced head coach Cholo Villanueva, has lent his very name to it, confident it has the tools and will to deliver the goods for its young recipients.

Now running like a well-oiled machine in the past five years, it is a one-stop shop carrying out basketball activities attuned to the current times. Parents have admired CholoCamp for it knows how to handle kids and adults alike. Coach Cholo himself trains and orients members of his staff in accordance with the level of quality and values the Camp is now known for.

Each training program in CholoCamp is basically a stretch of 10 training days, two hours each session, and significantly focused on a particular facet of the game like shooting and ball handling.

The camp had its roots in a small village court in Paranaque City nearly a decade ago, with Coach Cholo using his spare time to teach kids during one summer. His initial training sessions with some young players prompted them to dub the activity CholoCamp.

In 2014, CholoCamp was officially launched in Colegio San Agustin in Dasmarinas Village, Coach Cholo’s alma mater, as part of its summer basketball program. It was immediately extended in the school year calendar because parents were happy with the newly-instituted Camp. Now it is annually running five programs. It has even branched out to De La Salle-Integrated School and Colegio San Agustin Bulacan.

In CholoCamp each student, boy or girl within the age bracket of 4-18, is taught to value physical, social, and moral development. Youngsters are being developed to be ballers with basic and competitive skills, basketball IQ, manners, and class.

To dig into its credibility, it is important to inform that Coach Cholo himself has played and coached in all levels of basketball in the country. He suited up as a Green Archer in the UAAP and won Finals MVP in 2007. He was drafted in the PBA and played for then Air21 and Global Port.

To hone his coaching skill, he was initially part of the coaching staff of both DLSU under Franz Pumaren and three PBA teams. And then he coached the DLSU Graduate School, Jose Rizal University, and other commercial teams.

Equipped with a degree in educational psychology, he became a guidance counselor and special education coordinator of Reach International. He has always wanted to teach kids more than just the rules of basketball. He wants them to be good leaders and followers, and be able to control emotions in winning and losing games.

Team Cholocamp is composed of a good mix of coaches with experience in professional playing, coaching, and pre-school teaching, professional referees, licensed P.E. teachers, physical therapists, and varsity players. A good working environment is critical to the success of CholoCamp, with personnel equipped with the knowledge, patience, and values running the training hours.

CholoCamp is also into organizing leagues and tournaments, and customized training.

In championing the youth, CholoCamp also partnered with Kuya Center for Street Children, primarily to host basketball camps in communities with street children, for free. This year, a ten-day basketball camp, twice a week is set to begin on April 24 and end on May 29.

CholoCamp is teaching basketball for the uplifting of the body, mind, and spirit.

In an exclusive interview, I got the chance to ask a few questions for you, my dear Mommshies. So here goes:

Question #1

Mommshie Jenny:     Can you name a former student who made it big or who has a name in basketball?

Coach Cholo: The most prominent is UAAP sensation, Tyler Tio. I coached him when he was younger. And 70% of our campers are entering varsity programs in their various schools.

Question #2

Mommshie Jenny:    How is it coaching street children? I know they’re kinda hard to manage.

Coach Cholo: I instill in these kids, not just the principle of basketball but discipline as well. They have to listen to their coaches and really work hard in order for them to achieve something. By the end of their program somehow, we have inspired them and implanted qualities they can use to improve their lives.

Question #3

Mommshie Jenny:      Aside from your advocacy of helping kids through basketball, is it also profitable as you have been doing it for five years already?

Coach Cholo:    Well, yes it is.  I have various camps and different teams and it’s doing well. You can really see the fondness of Filipinos in basketball. And all my assistant coaches have salaries coz coaching is not a walk in the park and luckily I also have the best assistant coaches.

Cholo Camp pays it forward too by working with Kuya Center for Street Children and the Acts of Kindness Collection for two years now, giving free training to a handful of street children.

I also had the chance to talk to Ryde Losorata, a Milo Sports Clinic fan but now a full CholoCamp student who intends to finish all of Coach Cholo’s programs. Asked why the change of heart, Ryde said, “I know that I will learn a lot more with Coach Cholo and his able team, and I am looking forward to what I can achieve after I finish all his programs”.

Ten-year-old Ryde Losorata                                    With parents Yugel and Kaye

Remember Ryde Losorata’s name, dear Mommshies, because anytime in the future, your giggling daughters or nieces might be shouting his name while he plays in a professional basketball game as this kid definitely has the looks.

Program 2-Shooting Camp starts April 22 so call 0939-9106743 now! Check out https://www.facebook.com/CholoCamp/ for more info.


Coach Cholo intently giving pointers to his young wards.
Youngest participant? One-year-old Jacob Piamonte shows interest in basketball at his tender age. He is here to support his Kuya Johan.