True to its mission of improving and empowering their leaders and distributors, Rising Era Dynasty (RED), distributors of natural and organic high-quality nutritional products, established RED Academy – a learning platform for ERAns to attain a meaningful transformation in the personal and professional aspects of their lives.

RED Academy offers world-class technological innovation and instructor-led learning and training sessions and courses in various areas like Culture and Values Formation Program, Leadership Training Program, Personal and  Professional Development Programs, Skill-based Training and Workshops, Network Building and Development, Business Development Programs, Online Marketing Programs, Technology-based Marketing Training, Speakers and Trainers Workshops, and Team Building Workshop and Seminars.

The ‘Rising Up Workshop’ or RUW is for leaders who are also being groomed as future Speakers for in-house training. The workshop has already produced 280 graduates to date, where eight crew member volunteers came from.  As such what should a member or participant expect to learn from this workshop?

Networking can really be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging. But successful networking is also about connecting with others and that means conversational skills are critical. How do you make engaging small talk and then transition to smart talk? Participants of this workshop are reminded of the importance of asking engaging questions and using active listening techniques.

For those aspiring to move up, the best way to build network credibility is by joining training such as RUW.  The rigid 18- hour training starts from 8:00 am – 2:00 am the following day where exercises are geared more on team effort.

With a minimal fee of P2,500, participants will have handouts, pin academy, T-shirts, and certificate of completion.

By the end of the workshop participants will know how to avoid being a networker from hell.  They should be able to introduce themselves effectively – developing a hook and telling their story and know how to take a strategic approach to build and maintain their network; approach with confidence people they don’t even know. They will be able to follow up, develop the relationship and stay in touch with them over the longer term.

Rising Up Workshop will surely help you develop a proper mindset, acquire skills and learn tools to become a better networker. Sign up now.