Throughout the years, they remain to be a standout from the others as they stay true to their passion for music, while seamlessly adapting to the ever-changing demands of a competitive industry. They also boast their great security, impressive food menu, and clean fun that is perfect for barkadas and families alike.

From humble beginnings in 1994, the concept of Cowboy Grill was never expected to be as successful as it is right now. Being called as Golden Pizza, the former Shakey’s restaurant had a crisis in which thy removed bands and insisted capitalizing more on food. However, Mr. Jun Caasi, the company’s COO, stood as one of the initiators and kept firm with his belief that customers don’t just visit for the great good, they also come for the live music experience, thus, the birth of Cowboy Grill.

Operations and Marketing Team of Cowboy Grill

Their brand of fun has always been envisioned to be a place where people can easily get along – no frills, not too macho, but also not too shabby. People keep on coming back for what they pride as “Alagang Cowboy”, making their customers feel they are at home and can be themselves while having fun and enjoying the live music of all genres. All these made them a staple; a standout among others as they effortlessly combine great food, good music, and satisfying customer experience.

All time favorite band, the Aegis packs Cowboy Grill every time they perform

Most restobars only live to be 5 years, then change their identity or shut down completely. Cowboy Grill has stood through the test of time in the past 25 years, and remained to be the only successful bar and resto that didn’t have to overhaul itself through the changes. This, however, did not make them complacent. Rather, it encouraged them to be the best they can give to their loyal customers.

Talks of expansion in the Northern Luzon have been in the works. They also want to do kiosks for schools, hospitals, among others to showcase their specialties like pizza, chicken, lugaw and especially their sisig.

They hope to stay for another 25 years or more – to give back and continue doing what they love, to serve happy customers, and to remain a staple and a standout among young ones and loyal alike. For now, we celebrate a milestone – one that calls to be recognized, appreciated and be thankful for. Cheers!

As part of their marketing strategy, Cowboy Grill changed their long-time logo too.


For more information visit For reservations and other inquiries, you may call for Mabini #525-1474. Malate #552-0429, Las Piñas #807-7644, Delta #922-1130. Check our Facebook page Cowboy Grill Restaurant for updates and promos.