Every Pinoy foodie just loves everything unli (unlimited). If you look at all corners of the road or count themed restaurants inside a mall, you will see unlimited meat, pasta, and coffee. Bottom line, we all love unlimited food.

Me, I always yearn for seafood – prawns, shrimp, scallops, squid, tuna and of course, crabs! So whenever I get an invitation I always ask, you have seafood to serve? More often than not, they do. So off I go to this side in the South, to a restaurant called Southside Grill. By the name itself you’d think that they only serve grilled items but no. You will find the bounty of the sea here.

Here’s what we had on that lovely afternoon. Let’s start with the non-seafood fares first.

Buttered Chicken – tasty.


Sisig – it is okay. But another resto out there serves ’em better.


Street Food Platter – Ok lang. I am not a fan of isaw or innards. And I shun from hotdogs and processed food.

Salmon – also fresh and good.


So what’s the best dish they served? The shrimps simply blew me away. Fat and juicy, yes! I could eat every single piece on the plate. But THE bomb here is actually, the crabs! Two variants were served – Chili Crab and the Heart Attack, which by the way tastes better. Maybe because it is new to me. I always see Chili or Szechuan and Garlic Crab but this is the first encounter with Heart Attack. Rich with Aligue! Careful if you have a BP issue or Cholesterol with this one though.

I didn’t tell them but I was so bitin! I will definitely be back there just for their unli crabs.

It doesn’t end there Mommshies! They also have an acoustic band on weekends if you just want to sip a few cocktails while chilling. Visit na! Promise it’s worth your time and money.

Southside Grill is located at Manila Doctors Village Access Rd, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, 1750 Metro Manila