Sunlife is an organization who is really bent on helping its clients achieve lifetime financial security and achieve healthier lives. Because in addition to their great plans and programs for the people, they also have Sun Talks where they present iconic people giving inspirational talks to clients. I had an opportunity to attend one and it was indeed inspiring.















Sara Black

Model turned photographer Sara Black talked on her life’s journey to health and wellness. She had two frightful experiences which brought her to the path towards Wellness: the first being a breast cancer scare, and the second a multiple hip fracture which burned her desire to take better care of her body, mind, and spirit. Much like what Sunlife espouses in terms of taking care of our health.

Krie Lopez

After quitting from her corporate post, Krie established Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc. a line of organic household and personal care products, aims to tackle a socio-economic challenge—building self-esteem and teaching skills to the disadvantaged. Her employees – at-risk youths who underwent strict training. Youths who will find better lives and a good future thanks to Krie. Just like Sunlife, which is really keen on giving a better future to all its clients.

Brother Bo Sanchez

Now, this part is what inspired me the most. I have attended the Feast in Alabang ( founded by Bro.Bo) but he does not usually preach there except for special events so I was excited to hear from him personally.

His talk showed us a glimpse of his childhood; while growing up, he thought that money is pure evil. And later on, realized that it can also do good. Money can make the world a better place if used properly, such as Bro. Bo’s Anawin Lay Missions Foundation.

My heart goes to the elderly, abandoned by their children and relatives at the Anawin Lay Missions but happy knowing they are in good hands. Sunlife also makes sure we will be in their good hands.

Thank you, Sunlife for making events like this. Looking forward to the next Talk!