If you are really a friend, then you would know my first answer if someone asks me what I want to eat. “Basta me sabaw” ( As long as there is soup).

I do not know why. I just know that my meal would not be complete without a bowl of soup. I can even enjoy a cup of plain rice served with any – I mean, any soup. Hmnnn..Maybe because my Mom always cooked us dishes with soup like sinigang, nilaga or bulalo and sopas. And when you say Japanese Resto, immediately you would think of having your usual Ramen, right? Wrong.

When this invitation came up I immediately signed up and prepared myself for a nice, steaming hot bowl of Ramen with my all-time favorite side dish, gyoza. But honestly, when I saw their menu, I got frustrated. I just didn’t want them to notice. Turns out theirs is a soupless Ramen. Arrrgggh!

Mommshies, meet Chef and founder Takuma Ishikawa inviting you to try their Mazesoba. Nice smile right?

In any case, I ordered their bestseller called Zenbu Mazesoba ( maze means mixed and soba is noodles). It literally means mixed noodles with everything on it. There’s seaweed flakes, chives, minced garlic, ground mackerel, onion,  ground beef, and egg, plus pork, chashu, and bamboo shoots. Wow, that much ingredients! Let’s see if the taste suits my discriminating palate.

Zenbu Mazesoba with Cheese Gyoza and Takoyaki

Before I devoured my bowl, I read a notice which says, ‘How to Enjoy Mazesoba’. Apparently, a step-by-step guide on how to eat your Mazesoba properly. Eating it the right way makes a lot of difference according to franchise owner Mr. Malvin Ang.

I followed it all the way through and whoah! It might be my first time but I swear its the best tasting soupless soup I have ever had in my entire life! I thought I will not be satisfied but it’s far more than that. It is so good promise! I could just go on and on and blabber about all their yummy fares but the best thing for you guys is to try the restaurant yourselves. Bring the whole gang and family along, coz you’ll never go wrong!

These Mazesoba variants are all worth it!

Visit Menya Kokoro Mazesoba now located at the Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.