The Arellano Chiefs’ Environmental Society (ACES) is a group of young and determined law students, committed to engaging future lawyers in the active participation to restore, protect and preserve the beauty of the environment, with the help of the community. Towards its objectives, ACES acknowledges the importance of bringing awareness not only in the legal profession and practice, but also in the different sectors of the community that is why they endeavor to make their activities open for everyone who is willing to participate; for they believe that real change is realized through unity and not by isolation.

In line with their objectives, ACES will conduct a “Fun Run” activity entitled “ACES Run” to, among others:

  1. launch the organization nationwide;
  2. promote low to zero-waste activities; and
  3. to encourage stewardship towards the environment.

“ACES Run” is an annual FUN RUN EVENT, by the organization which showcases their chosen theme, geared towards the realization of their goals, that is, to protect and preserve the beauty of nature.

This year marks their first-ever “ACES Run”, and with the statement: “Run, Rebuild, Restore” ACES’ vision is to launch the organization and make its objectives reach and tap all possible sectors and strengthen the fight against pollution of all sorts. This new and ambitious organization believes that if more people become involved in activities promoting a healthy environment, eventually a conscious lifestyle will become the next norm and will not anymore feel like an alternative.

And as their commitment to the active preservation of the environment, the organization vouches to plant three (3) trees for every single registration – that will be planted in their next annual tree planting activity in the year, 2020.

For further details on how to become a brand partner, sponsor and supporter, contact their marketing partner PMCM Events Management at 0917 8344978 or 501 0029 or email and look for Miss Mys Sandico.


Register in the fun run through this link