Asia’s oldest leadership development organization Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila and the Alfonso Yuchengco Foundation awards the annual St. Teresa of Calcutta (STCA)  today, September 26, 2019 at the Alfonso Sycip Executive Lounge RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

For the past 37 years, the two prestigious organizations have been nourishing ba formidable partnership in search for individuals who have directed their time,talents,and treasures for the uplifting of society’s most marginalized, akin to the life lived by Saint Teresa.

“This year’s Awardee, apart from being a true embodiment of Saint Teresa’s enduring message of profound love for the poor, is likewise an inspiration for using one’s God-given talents in improving the lives of others”, JCI Manila President LA Sevilla noted of the 37th recipient of the award.

Dutch-born Auke Idzenga migrated to the Philippines in 1985 and saw a direly unfulfilled need of poor rural upland communities for access to potable water and irrigation–both undeniably essential in the sustenance of life itself. A marine engineer by profession, Mr. Idzenga poured his energy towards coming up with technological but sustainable solutions to this problem. He has never left the country to this day.

“We wish to encourage young people to make a difference starting small. The Lord rejoices to see work begin, and Mr. Idzenga’s humble beginnings is a testament to that”, says Joseph Gonzalez, Chairman of the 2019 STCA Committee.

Recent recepients of the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award include Fr. Maximo Barbero (2018), Fr. Peter Geremia (2017) and   Divina Fabra (2015).