Most Moms today, especially those working, tend to overlook and sometimes let their helpers or Yayas take care of buying laundry detergents for them. Without even realizing that their babies or one of the members of the family may have sensitive skin and can be irritated by the available products in the supermarkets. Good news Mommshies, I came across a brand that may prove to be a solution to this problem.

Introducing Gentle Mama, makers of cleaning products like liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner, and all-purpose cleaner are now available in the market. I got the chance to know about the products personally when they launched it recently.

As of this moment, I think Gentle Mama is one of the most effective yet affordable cleaning kits for my household.   Almost everything that goes into their products is plant-based and has no harmful ingredients that could trigger allergies. The best news is that they incorporated my all-time favorite – essential oils into the products. It also means that there are no chemicals that can be absorbed into your child’s skin, furthering the benefits for their health. There are no artificial dyes, or phthalates substances, only essential oils and plant-based extracts for the light scent that these products have.

According to the owners, husband, and wife  Sean Dulce and Osang Darilay,  “We made these products because just like you, we want the best for our baby so together let’s fight harmful bacteria and stains through the Gentle Mama Essential Cleaning Kit—powered by essential oils.

As we all know essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavor, or “essence,” of their source, with healing properties as well. So incorporating it with these products is the best move the couple made for Gentle Mama.

Here’s what makes up the powerful Cleaning Kit of Gentle Mama:

  1. Gentle Mama Liquid Detergent with Orange Essential Oil
  2. Gentle Mama Fabric Conditioner with Lavender Essential Oil
  3. Gentle Mama Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Essential Oil
  4. Gentle Mama All-Purpose Cleaner
















Don’t risk your family’s health. Give them only the gentlest formula for their enjoyment and benefit. Give them Gentle Mama.

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Now available in Lazada and Franeta Mall.