What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Are you kind to yourself?

According to a gender difference study by the University of Texas at Austin, women are more prone to low self-esteem compared to men. Similar studies also show that girls believe that they are generally not good enough, especially when it comes to their appearance. Cultural expectations, external pressures, and social media are just some that contribute to someone being hypercritical of themselves.

This can feel especially true during this month of love. Whether you’re single, dealing with a breakup, or simply feeling not enough for your other half, insecurities can be exhausting. Many question the worth of the girl they see in the mirror.
Learning to love and take care of yourself can be a long and hard road. But every journey begins with its first few steps. Here are three simple ways that can get you on the path of self-love.

Keep it 100, girl!

Everything starts and ends with you, and you alone. In that end, try to see yourself from a third-person point of view–in a mirror for example. Doing so can build up your self-awareness. With that, you will have an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. By embracing your identity and being in peace with your flaws, you are enabling self-love.

No means No

A good manifestation of self-love is learning to say “no,” if you don’t feel like doing something. According to Psychotherapist Alena Gerst, LCSW, E-RYT, saying “no” when you genuinely mean “no” will promote good overall emotional health. This isn’t being rude, it’s understanding your boundaries and limitations, and, yes, this applies to your friends and family.

Invest in self-care

One implication of low self-esteem is self-negligence. So, spending time and money on yourself is important, too. Depending on what kind of girl you are, there are a number of ways you can do this and that includes taking a social break, traveling, adopting a fur baby, or even physical exercise to get endorphins pumping.


Another way of doing this is by taking care of your skin. “When someone is depressed or anxious, a [skincare] routine provides a sense that they have control over their skin, their body, and consequently part of their life,” says Dermatologist Dr. Amy Wecher in an interview for Marie Claire Magazine.


And you don’t have to spend a lot to practice proper skin care. Take, for example, Flawlessly U. The brand offers quality papaya and calamansi infused facial soap, lotion, and facial cleanser at an affordable price. It prides itself to be an ally of the modern Filipina in bringing out the best in her while being gentle to her skin. Just like the support and motivation we all stan!

Beauty is the way we value things right in front of our eyes.  If you learn to appreciate your qualities and worth then nobody else could take it away from you. So, maybe, you need not seek the Magic Mirror for the flawless of them all, after all, the girl asking is already the queen.

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