HP Inc. shared the results of the HP Small Business Owner Today Study, which examines both the motivations and business ethics of company heads as well as their technology expectations. The study sheds light on the local Filipino business belief of having a long-term investment in originality, sustainability, and community as key pillars of their business. It also reveals the extended role of originality in technology to help address unique, practical, and functional business challenges faced by local Filipinos as they look to drive high-quality output, productivity, and efficiency.

Key findings:

  • In the Philippines, Filipinos are most likely to start and build a business with the intent of passing it on to their family to ensure stable livelihood for future generations
  • 80% of Filipino small business owners said that they have a duty to protect the environment and contribute to the community
  • 63% of Filipino small business owners see their printer as a technology partner, wanting it to perform tasks beyond just printing

“Even in the current environment, the Philippines holds a large potential for growth, fueled by an expanding entrepreneurial young and middle-class, an increasingly well-educated population, and diverse economies. Through conversations with small business owners from these demographics, we see a real desire in Filipinos to do what’s right for their families, their communities, and the planet,” said Christian Edmond Reyes Philippines Managing Director HP Inc. “We share their values and are working hard to be their trusted technology partner as they build companies that have a life-changing impact. We continue to support this with PC and print innovation and services that help balance productivity and efficiency at work and quality time with their families.”

Family, community, and purpose come first in the Philippines

Results from the small business owners’ study show that southeast Asians are more community-oriented and purpose-led, with the Philippines appearing to be most ‘We’ focused within the region, than their peers from around the world. They are also more in-tune with technology and are actively seeking a partner that will help their business excel.

Family is core to everything Filipino small business owners do. It is the number one reason they started their business. Almost nine in ten (83%) agree that they are creating a better life for their families through their business, and four out of five (76%) believe that their children will have better lives than they had growing up. But because so much is riding on the success of their businesses, 77% are motivated to keep building their firms purely to avert failure.

Filipino small businesses are also highly conscientious with (81%) agreeing that responsible owners have a duty to protect the environment, and (75%) believing that they should contribute to the community.

Local small business owners in the Philippines are also strongly principled in their approach to business. Two-thirds would choose not to grow their business if growth meant going against their values. And 66% will not work with other companies if they feel they do not take their part in protecting and advancing the rights of the underrepresented groups.

Connecting the value of originality and technology for Filipino SMBs

Keeping up with technology is a major concern for 67% of Filipino small business owners in addition to adjusting to the current economic climate.

63% of Filipino business owners see their printer as a technology partner, wanting it to perform tasks beyond just printing. But for 60% of them, there is a disconnect between what they feel they need from a printer, and what printer manufacturers are offering.

HP is addressing the demands for sustainable business by offering knowledge, expertise, opportunity, and a range of printers and original ink and toner supplies to help local businesses stand out from the crowded marketplace. HP enables this by helping small business owners articulate and elevate their original brand, provide a unique approach to customer satisfaction, and deliver high-quality services and products that reflect the value they place on originality.

  • A Partner Beyond Print: Beyond just printing, the HP Smart App allows people to print and scan from anywhere, anytime. The app has innovative AI features like HP Smart Task to accelerate admin and accounting work by allowing the user to snap a photo of an invoice, scan it for finance, and even converting handwritten notes into searchable and editable files.
  • Doing Your Part for the Environment: There is a significant cost to the environment when companies use imitation ink and toner. Compared to official HP cartridges, imitation toner cartridges have a 55% larger carbon footprint, consume 54% more fossil fuels, need 40% more energy[i]. Worst of all 97% of new imitation cartridges will end up in landfills[ii].
  • Keeping Sustainability in Mind: Original HP Supplies, by contrast, are manufactured with sustainability in mind. The company has used more than 218 million pounds of recycled plastic to make ink and toner cartridges since 2000[iii]. Today, more than 80% of ink cartridges and 100% of toner cartridges contain recycled content[iv].
  • Keeping Costs of Ownership Low: If a company chooses to print using non-genuine HP ink or toner supplies, they risk compromising on quality, productivity and will increase the total cost of ownership. Imitation cartridges typically require three times more service calls[v], cost 10% more in the long-term, and produce an average of 31% fewer usable pages[vi] than Original HP Supplies.
  • Last for the next hundred years: Small business owners in the Philippines can be confident that the important business or legal documents they print today using Original HP Supplies will last for the next hundred years if stored correctly.
  • Print with ease: HP Smart Tank also has easy-to-fill ink tanks to save employees time and automatic alerts that state when ink is running low.


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 About the HP Small Business Owner Today Study: South East Asia Insights

The HP Small Business Today Study is a global study by HP Inc. across three continents and 10 geographical areas (USA, Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Iberia (Spain and Portugal), South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines), UK, and India).  The study interviewed more than 4,300 small business owners (1-100 employees) aged 18+.

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