I know for a fact that not all women, and Moms for that matter, cook for their families. I was lucky that I was blessed with a stay at home Mom who loves to cook. And that awesome trait, I got from her. Thank goodness.

I started to cook at an early age. Maybe because I am the oldest among the three girls in a brood of six, that is why my Mom always tells me to watch her cook. Back in the day, we only use a regular two burner gas stove at home. I can vividly remember the first dish I made that I am so proud of – Ginisang Sardinas (Sauteed Sardines). I feel so good and elated every time my Mom tells me, masarap anak (It’s good, my child). And when I got interested in baking (level up!), I told my parents to buy me an oven. I got my wish.

In this unnatural world we live in right now, we strive for nothing but living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. And what better way to do that by whipping up all-natural, organic, home-cooked meals every day on a very good, sturdy and reliable oven.

But with so many oven brands out there, what would be the best one that can suit your taste and needs? My oven is outdated should it have lived until now. Rummaging and browsing online, I swear if I have the money, I’d buy the most expensive one! Okay, so if I am buying one of these days, what factors should I consider in getting my dream oven?

First, see if the unit heats up easily. This feature will surely make you save gas or electricity and bake additional number of cakes and pastries. Proper heat conduction will make you use your oven in the best way possible.

Second, consider the size and style of your kitchen first. That way, you can also determine the size of the oven that will go well with your kitchen. These ovens have different sizes that can fit your small or big kitchens. Think about your comfort most especially. I personally will not be able to make a masterpiece if I am uncomfortable in my working space. If you have a minimalist style of a kitchen, I would go for a small but cute one.

Also, choose one that is easily cleaned after every use. Some ovens have a self-cleaning feature which uses high temperature to cook away grease and stains. But other ovens need to be cleaned by hands periodically.

More importantly, consider the price. Look at your budget. If you have extra bucks to splurge on an expensive oven, go ahead. More updated and modern feature means it is more expensive, right? I believe in the saying that goes, ‘You get what you pay for’. So, if you are one who loves to make costly creations, then purchase the priciest but packed with modern features you can really make use of.

Today, one of the brands I am eyeing on buying is a Beko oven. I came across their website https://www.beko.com/ph-en/and was blown away!  I think they have the most modern style and designs in the market today. Value for money to say the least. So Mommshies, wait no more and buy an oven online. 



I am actually salivating on all those hot features like their big capacity, the halogen illumination where you can actually see what’s happening inside the oven, and the sturdy and durable door to carry those heavy dishes.

Look at that, Mommshies – what a space saver, right? Perfecto!

Visit their site too and you might find yourself replacing your ovens now, Mommshies!