Next to bags, what this Mommshie looks forward to having is good shoes. But tell me, with the kind of atmosphere that we are in right now, is it still worth it to buy one when we barely get out of our houses?

I don’t know why or how I got this toe deformity called Bunion. A bulging bump on the base joint of my big toe is making it hard for me to buy sandals or any other open footwears. I would always go for closed shoes just so I can hide my bunion. And I have to make sure that it’s comfortable enough not to make it sore and painful when I walk. Also, for a woman of my age (and size-shhh), I am now after flat, flexible and spacious shoes that will make me feel I am wearing flipflops instead of heels and wedges.

I recently had the opportunity to try Craze Footwear. Proudly made in Marikina, Philippines, it looks comfortable to wear. It is simple but classy in its own way. I am also amazed that it’s so affordable considering it can be at par with signature brands. And the best thing that made me fall for Craze Footwear? My bunion is not bulging! It is really so comfortable and didn’t hurt at all, whew!

I have two variations of Craze Shoes: The Craze Peach/Black Captoe and Rina Mustard Pointed. I love them both! I can walk with ease and comfort, not worrying about slipping on wet surface since both has rubberized soles with tread pattern making it slip resistant. So cool!

Peach/Black Captoe Collection

The Rina Mustard Pointed Collection


Craze has other collections that are amazing as well:

  • Angelica Collection
  • Weave Collection
  • Rina Mules
  • Lace Collection
  • Ciara Heels Collection
  • Big Basket Design
This Craze Big Basket Design has other colors too! Look at those anti-slip tread pattern!

I am eyeing on the Craze Big Basket Design next time! It’s so cute!

Mommshies, give your feet utmost importance. With so many brand variations in size and shape, local and international at that, find a shoe that will actually fit your personal need. Me, I am smitten with Craze Footwear-hook, line, and sinker! And I am sure you will too!

Choose your own Craze Footwear by visiting Craze Fashion main | Facebook,, and Instagram @crazeshoesph.