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Ontario is home to more culture and inventiveness than any other place on Earth.  With Canada’s capital at its southern tip and Toronto at its heart, there’s no end to the things you can see and do while visiting.  If you’re craving a trip that delves more into Ontario’s emotional depth and want to learn more while you do, here are the top cultural sites you can see around Ontario.

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Casa Loma Castle

This Spanish revival castle is the last thing many might expect to find in Ontario.  Its name translates to ‘hill house,’ and it’s visually one of the county’s most beautiful buildings.  Originally built by Sir Henry Pellat, it was initially his residence before becoming a museum and historical site.  Although nobody has died on the castle grounds, its visuals and its spooky underground passageways have inspired many ghost stories in the area.  It’s gorgeous and an essential part of what makes Ontario.

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Royal Botanical Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Halton, the Royal Botanical Gardens are beautiful sprawling greenery and plant life that can inspire and put anyone in awe.  With endless local beauties and countless international species, this garden has more variety than any other country.  Many visitors admit to going back more than once, craving the peaceful and calm getaway from their ordinarily busy lives.  If you visit, take as many pictures as you can to go home with you, or you might catch yourself looking for Halton real estate!

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Rideau Canal Historical Site

It might sound silly to want to visit a canal, but it’s not foolish to see the Rideau Canal!  This beautiful line of water in Ontario helps trade get in and out to the Atlantic sea.  As North America’s oldest canal, it’s been given the title of a historical site so that we can’t lose track of how far we’ve come.  In summer, you can enjoy watching boats make their way through, and in winter, portions of it freeze over and open to the public for ice skating. 

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Parliament Hill

There’s no discussion about essential places in Ontario without discussing Parliament Hill.  This building is where the country’s most critical decisions are made and where laws are created and passed.  Although some younger visitors may have trouble grasping this location’s importance, it’s never lost on older visitors.  This building does offer tours when parliament isn’t in session, and it provides a glimpse into the decisions that shape the country.

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Royal Ontario Museum

Don’t let the name fool you; this museum isn’t for aristocratic areas and old styles; this building focuses on edgy and new art and expression.  The Royal Ontario Museum is the best in the country and works hard to prove itself.  There are local artists on display and artists from around the world who are fantastic enough to be featured.  A visit to this museum will help inspire anyone and may give you the spark you need to start living more creatively in your own life.