MyHospital has entered a new chapter in Healthcare

Our mission is to ensure quality healthcare that is accessible, convenient, and provides real value for money. Get easy access to quality healthcare by phone or video call, diagnostic testing, and essential health services at home, plus specialty centers that cover cardio, pedia, internal medicine, and ob-gyn cases, making sure that you and your family stay safe amidst the pandemic. Need a consult? Booking is as easy as 1-2-3 at or email us at

My Patients. My Practice. This is MyHospital. 

For Doctors and Physicians looking to grow their network and promote their practice while having a team conveniently coordinating your back-end processes for free – you are very much welcome to join our community. MyHospital is always open and looking for doctors and medical support teams to help us deliver great healthcare services for our fellow Filipinos.

Aside from helping you connect to more patients, we schedule and make consultations easy, help coordinate diagnostic testing at home, and send medical prescriptions to and fro. We support the doctors and their teams by making everything convenient – coordinating, record keeping, and billing so they can focus on providing quality healthcare for patients. To start, simply download our Enrollment Form and then email a completed and signed copy to

Our Covid Home Care Specialty Center. 

MyHospital launched its first specialty center – Our Covid Home Care Specialty Center. The focus of the Covid Home Care Specialty Center is helping mild and asymptomatic patients through COVID without leaving the safety of home. We have Licensed Infectious Disease Doctors that take care of our patients online or through personal home visits. We also provide a spectrum of diagnostic tests, even x rays, at home. Hand in hand with our doctors, medical teams, partner laboratories, and pharmacies, we are innovating more ways to help Filipinos stay healthy and informed in the safety of their homes.

For more information about our home care and medical services sign up at or email You can also join our community on Facebook: My Hospital PH and Instagram: @myhospitalph.


Join us live via ZOOM from Massachusetts with Baystate Medical’s Chief of Infectious Diseases Dr. Armand Paez to discuss HOME AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY CARE DURING AND AFTER COVID. He’ll be talking about taking care of mild and asymptomatic cases in the safety of your home. Book your FREE spot and register on our link: This event is on September 01, 2021 (Wednesday) 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, and is brought to us by MyHospital.