Make Your Life Easier & Put Money in Your Pocket by having AMZProfessional work for you



After Andy Slamans began experiencing success selling on Amazon almost a decade ago, he encouraged his nephew, Nate, to give it a try. Eventually, they combined their diverse talents and without outside loans or investors, built an incredibly lucrative, 8-figure Amazon business that’s still growing in leaps and bounds. When Andy, a gregarious, risk-taking, people-pleaser and Nate, a forward-thinking, formally educated financial planner, partnered – the Dream Team was born!


Family means everything to Nate & Andy, and as a result, they don’t just stop at their own success. They’re an Amazon think-tank, sharing their knowledge, providing coaching, and offering services to other entrepreneurs.


Through trial and tribulation, Andy & Nate realized early on that FBA sellers could be losing as much as 3% of their total monthly revenue from a variety of issues including unpaid Amazon reimbursements and negative customer reviews. In fact, early on in their careers, Nate combed through Andy’s account and uncovered thousands of dollars in reimbursements that Andy was owed. As a result, their brainchild, AMZPro, was born. Andy was Nate’s first client and the rest is history, so if you want to boost your profits while avoiding the common pitfalls as Andy did, then it’s time to talk to THE Amazon experts.


AMZPro, is a professional FBA account management service, for FBA sellers just like you. With a client-centered approach, AMZPro will help you sell with confidence and free up your time so you can focus on your business without worrying about back-end reimbursement management. Nate & Andy invite you to be a part of their team and let your personal AMZPro representative optimize your account health & get you the money you deserve.


“Leave the minutia of account management to us, while you focus on building your business. We’ll take a deep dive into your account and deliver the results you deserve.


Our team of experts will comprehensively monitor & manage your account for:

  • Reimbursements from Amazon that you are owed
  • Negative feedback that needs to be removed
  • Prevention of Suspended Listings
  • Shipment Reconciliation
  • Account Health
  • Unfulfilled Inventory
  • Vital Operation Reviews


You’ll receive a detailed weekly report with all the important data, so you’ll know exactly what we achieved on your behalf with full transparency.”


AMZPro will make your life easier and put money in your pocket – all for a commission-free, low monthly fee. Not only do they manage your current account; AMZPRO automatically goes back 18 months and thoroughly reviews your data for maximum recovery & profitability. You’ll get what you deserve while ensuring your Amazon essentials are in excellent condition.


From their early days of packing and shipping in their own homes to multi-million-dollar sellers, Nate and Andy know what it’s like to build success from the ground up. They understand that no one has all the skills, knowledge, and time to do everything on their own. Seeking the right help from the right people can be extremely valuable to minimizing problems, maximizing processes, and increasing profits.


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