Santé, one of the fastest-growing distribution and direct selling companies globally dedicated to helping people live better lives, unveiled today its initiatives to fortify its position on the global market. 

This strategic move comes as the company solidifies its footprint in Southeast Asia (SEA). In a press event held at The Hive, Santé Headquarters, located in Silang, Cavite, Santé not only underscored its commitment to the SEA region but also introduced its newest Brand Ambassador, Anindita Hidayat, hailing from Indonesia.

Now present in 10 countries, Santé‘s expansion in SEA signifies an important milestone, demonstrating its commitment to delivering health and wellness solutions to the global market and providing business opportunities across the globe.

“Our journey into the Southeast Asian market was marked by meticulous research and development to ensure that our offerings align with the unique cultural and health preferences of the Indonesian people. With a focus on authenticity, quality, and sustainability, Santé is poised to carve a niche in the Southeast Asian health and wellness landscape,” said Joey Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer of Santé

With Santé’s presence in Indonesia, the company has also unveiled its latest Indonesian Brand Ambassador, Anindita Hidayat, a multifaceted content creator known for her inspirational and motivational content spanning fitness, lifestyle, business, and public speaking. 

An avid fitness enthusiast who strongly advocates the vital contribution of supplements to enhancing overall fitness and aiding individuals in reaching their personal objectives, Anindita expressed her deep honor at being chosen as the company’s latest brand ambassador for Santé Indonesia.

“As Santé’s Brand Ambassador, I am genuinely thrilled to embark on this journey with a company that shares my unwavering commitment to health and wellness. Santé’s dedication to delivering high-quality, all-natural products aligns seamlessly with the well-being of our community,” shared Anindita.

For Marcelo, these values underscore how Anindita perfectly embodies the Santé brand. “She firmly believes in empowerment and authenticity. She possesses the ability to nurture a community that celebrates individuality and inspires growth. That’s precisely what we aim for as we reach more milestones—to be surrounded by individuals with an unwavering growth mindset,” he added.

Santé’s Managing Director for Philippine Operations Paul Caluag, could not agree more. He emphasized that “It has been Santé’s lifelong dream to share our passion globally, and with Anindita as our newest Brand Ambassador in Indonesia, we have found a remarkable partner whose dedication embodies our mission to help people live better lives. Her commitment to health and wellness perfectly resonates with Santé’s values, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.”

With its mission to help people live better lives, Santé promotes, produces, and distributes natural health and wellness products and services. As the leading barley brand, Santé consistently delivers top-quality products to its loyal customers globally, solidifying its position as the barley authority.

To learn more about the Santé and its health and wellness products and services, visit its website at mySanté.com.


(Left-right) Minerva “Minette” Carag, Chief Product Officer; Enlie Widjaja, Regional Director of Asia; Anindita Hidayat, Indonesian Brand Ambassador; Joey Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer; Eric Maranan, Chief Financial Officer; Paul Caluag, Managing Director, Philippine Operations




About Santé 


Santé is one of the fastest-growing distribution and direct-selling companies globally dedicated to helping people live better lives. The company offers organic natural health and wellness products and services, designed to improve the quality of life of people around the world.


Santé continuously builds and helps drive business growth through its dedicated and independent business owners. Driven by its promise to bring value-adding wellness products and services to every home, the company is committed to equipping and empowering its business owners who help in promoting healthy and active lifestyles.