Alex Gonzaga and Melai Cantiveros’ trending OOTD got netizens guessing who’s wearing bagong bili or bagong laba clothes.

The question confused the minds of everyone, going viral on social media as fellow ‘Mommshies’ like me, weighed in and argued whether their idol’s outfits was bagong bili (brand new) or bagong laba (newly washed). But even as the arguments rocked social media, no one could figure out the answer as both the outfits of the two endorsers looked like new.


Tide endorsers Melai Cantiveros and Alex Gonzaga

So to solve the great mystery once and for all, Tide hosted “Bagong Bili o Bagong Laba” Fashion Walk-Off, an interactive fashion show exclusively for the media last July 31, 2018 at White Space, Makati City. Excited guests took part in a game that proved how brand new whites look no different from clothes washed with Tide.

Kicking off the fashion show were Luis Manzano and the Solomon Brothers, and celebrity kids Awra Briguela and Mela Francisco. After all the models strutted to confuse the crowd even more, Alex and Melai graced the stage with a grand walk off and cheered on the audience to make their best guess–Bagong Bili o Bagong Laba?


Luis Manzano with Melai and Alex

Ending the show was a grand reveal of the models removing their tags to see who wore the bagong laba and the bagong bili outfits – astounding everyone in the audience because there was no difference in the whiteness of the clothes that the models wore.

TIDE.the reveal

The grand reveal where the models showed who’s bagong bili or bagong laba

And just like everyone in the audience, I found it really hard to tell the difference between bagong bili and bagong laba with Tide. I think my guesses were all wrong!

With its great cleaning power that removes dirt while brightening whites, your OOTDs can still have that ‘looks like new’ peg even after repeated usage, getting that surprising wow from everyone.

Sa Tide, sa isang laba, mukhang bago!