Cooking for me is a passion. As the first-born female in a brood of six, I was tasked by my Mom to learn how to cook at an early age.  And I didn’t resent it. In fact I was very happy and eager to learn how to cook ‘Ginisang Sardinas’ (Sautéed Sardines) for the first time.

Today, as a single Mom to my only son, I am thrilled to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to cook with not just one, but two world-renowned chefs.

Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC), in partnership with world-renowned Institut Paul Bocuse staged its very first Professional Advancement Centre Courses from November 20 – 23, 2018 where I have been honored to take part of. Together with newly acquired friends from different backgrounds – a teacher, a modeling agency owner, entrepreneurs and fellow writers -discovered classic culinary techniques under the instruction of Institut Paul Bocuse’s Chef Sébastien Charretier and DHMC’s Master Chef of France Cyrille Soenen. It featured great interactive demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes, food tasting and a sumptuous meal with esteemed Chef Instructors; DHMC presented a unique canvass of visual gastronomy and finely curated flavorful combinations for the discerning gourmand.

Chefs Table Class
Below is what we whipped up during the course.

Chef’s Table: Signature Dishes of Chef Sébastien Charretier

Under the tutelage of Chef Sebastien Charretier, we prepared a 3-course gourmet meal using cooking techniques according to the ways of Master Paul Bocuse. Here we learned to recreate our own similar recipes for an inspired interpretation at home.

Chef’s Table Menu
L’Oef Parfait en Cappuccino de Champignons (Perfect Egg with Mushroom Cappuccino)

L_Oeuf Parfait en Cappuccino de Champignons
A super delish soup which has 3 layersof hard work!

Pigeon en Croûte Inspiration de Mr Paul Bocuse, Sauce Salmis, Purée Lisse de Panais (Inspired Recipe of Mr. Paul Bocuse “Pigeon en Croûte” Salmis Sauce and Mash Parsnip)
Chef's Table -Pigeon en Croûte
Our Main Course with lots of amazing ingredients inside!

And definitely my favorite since I am a sweet tooth!
Chou Croquant Praline Cocktail (Crispy Praline Choux Paste)
Chef's Table -Chou Croquant Praline Cocktail

Having been a part of this wonderful experience, I have realized what a chef does inside his kitchen. It’s not easy being one! But if he or she truly loves his craft, what they actually do in the kitchen is pure Magic!

Chef's Table Workshop

Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC) is the first international learning institution to be fully integrated with an upmarket hotel, dusitD2 the Fort Manila. It endeavors to prepare the next generation of hoteliers and restaurateurs through the highest standard of educational excellence. The college enables students with practical skills on strategic and creative operations which explores their fullest potential as future hospitality leaders and innovators.

DHMC brings together three of the most trusted names in international hospitality and culinary education — Dusit International, Switzerland’s world-renowned École hôtelière de Lausanne, and France’s Institut Paul Bocuse – to offer students education and training aligned with the highest international standards. 

DHMC introduces a new industry benchmark, redefining Hospitality Management, Tourism and Culinary Arts #BEYOND EDUCATION.

For more information on Dusit Hospitality Management College, visit or or call (02) 238 8888.

Chef Sébastien Charretier

Profile of Chef Sébastien Charretier

Chef Sébastien Charretier joined the world-renowned Institut Paul Bocuse on September 2011. A well experienced Chef and Chef Instructor of Institut Paul Bocuse, he is a passionate and knowledgeable instructor for the Culinary Arts.

Chef Sébastien presents an arsenal of skills gained from his work experience cooking in the kitchen of the Military Governor of Lyon, as a Chef in several gastronomical restaurants, and even his own delicatessen events company.

He was one of the finalists of the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” contest back in 2011 and has been known to demonstrate a unique cooking style based on the floral and vegetal values with a special affinity for fish.

Profile of Chef Cyrille Soenen

Hailing from a region where food is deemed next to holy and its preparation considered an art form, Chef Cyrille Soenen knew that to make it in the culinary industry he would have to pursue nothing less than perfection.

Chef Cyrille honed his culinary expertise at several Michelin-starred restaurants in France including the Duc d’Enghien (two stars Michelin), the Le Drouant (one star Michelin), and the Restaurant L’Espadon (two stars Michelin). In 1988, Chef Cyrille had the privilege of serving foreign dignitaries when he worked the kitchens of the French Defense and Finance Ministries.

In 2015, Chef Cyrille was recognized, honored, and included among the roster of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (Master Chefs of France) — an honorary rank that chefs around the world aspire for. He is the first and only Chef in the Philippines to be accorded with this honor. He had undergone crucial instruction at Ecole Hotélière Médéric and exposure and mentoring at the Hotel Ritz Paris.

Chef Cyrille Soenen