VRP Medical Center, a top hospital in the country, recently acquired a world-class, sophisticated laser treatment system to beef up its already expanding medical services.

In a demonstration activity at VRP’s Physician Center, the Fotona Dynamis Pro Laser System was unveiled to a select group of doctors, medical specialists and media by Zdenko Vizintin, Fotona’s Medical Laser Program Director. Vizintin, a Slovenian, talked extensively about the laser’s modern technology and its varied applications to medicine especially to dermatology and surgery. “Dynamis is the most versatile laser machine in the market. It has an easy to use, intuitive interface that expertly guides the operator in his delivery of the treatment. Protocols are already preset but the doctor can adjust it according to his requirement” he said.


VRP lecture
Dynamis is the most versatile laser machine in the market according to Director Zdenko Vizintin

The laser system can treat a wide variety of skin anomalies like acne, acne scars, warts, vascular lesions, varicose veins, wrinkles, skin tags among others. It can also be used for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and surgical procedures. Three of its most interesting utilization is in vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, body sculpting and anti-aging treatments where high precision is needed.

Vizintin said that due to the machine’s sophisticated engineering and precise laser system, the healing process is almost nil for all treatments. Similarly, there is no downtime for superficial skin treatments.
Dynamis Pro’s exclusive technology makes use of two lasers in one advanced process. It has six pulses with a proprietary Variable Square Pulse (VSP) technology.

fotona laser
Fotona Dynamis Pro Laser System

Virma Vergel De Dios, VRP Medical Center president, says the laser will be available soon in a high-end wellness and aesthetic clinic that will operate in VRP. “This shows our commitment to be one of the best hospitals in the country. Aside from acquiring the best medical talents, we also seek to provide the best medical equipment and services in VRP. This soon to open skin clinic will be world class in nature, meaning the sophisticated services found in upscale skin centers will also be available here,” she added.

Some of the media present were privileged to try the laser’s treatments first hand. Mommshie Lariza Garcia, a popular beauty blogger, tried the skin treatments and did an actual vlog (video blog) of the procedure which was streamed live to her thousands of followers. “It was at first a bit painful because of the heat of the laser but I’m really amazed after because it really rejuvenated my skin! I feel young and beautiful after the treatment. The good thing about it is there is no healing or downtime,” Garcia enthused.


VRP, formerly known as Polymedic General Hospital, offers high quality healthcare services for more than 40 years now and has recently elevated its medical and structural facilities along with its services and staff to international quality levels. It added new 40-plus hi-tech rooms among other big developments. It was constructed to accommodate the center’s growing number of patients that comes from all walks of life.


Other developments include a refurbished Event & Conference Hall, a new Chapel, four Clinical Department Offices, a bigger Physician’s Center and an Open Wellness Area meant to give recuperating patients a place to exercise and commune with nature.

The hospital can be reached at 464-9999 (trunkline) or visit www.vrp.com.phfor more info on its services and offerings. It also has an official Facebook Page: fb://page/718223974910071