Nowadays, trends come and go. We find ourselves looking forward to the release of the latest in consumer tech, getting engaged in discussions on new applications and platforms that can augment daily task, new gadgets, and gizmos that lead us to discover what else is possible. We read about artificial intelligence powering machines and other innovative technologies. Each of these redefines trends with a possible impact in shaping the way we live in the 21st century.

In a rapidly changing world, there is a need to groom a good number of competitive individuals who understand how to take advantage of this wave of modernization. We need critical thinkers, goal-oriented professionals with a specific set of skills who could use their knowledge and training to lead humanity to build a sustainable future. Education plays a significant role in this mission. Rex Book Store, as one of the pillars of the industry, understands its duty to help meet this endeavor. This is what urged the company to bring the Whole Child Approach here in the country.

As the only accredited partner of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) in the Philippines, REX Book Store aims to assist the community, not just schools and universities, but also homes, private industries, and other stakeholders to contribute to preparing our learners to what the future has to offer. Well rounded individuals who are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged is the core mission of the Whole Child Approach.

Each child should be able to grow and prosper in a safe environment, a nurturing surrounding where they can express themselves, to become active, with a sound mind and a healthy body. Learners should be given an opportunity to engage in activities beyond the classroom setup. Every stakeholder from home to school, and even to private companies and corporations should get involved and participate in providing resources for students to be exposed to the real world setting. Proper assessment should be in place to ensure learners are given a chance to thrive, to be tested to evolve as a modern man. Side by side with the 4Cs of P21’s Framework for 21st Century Learning – Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration & Creativity, REX Book Store pushes for familiarization and education of, not just the educational institutions, but the general public as well. This way we can all work together to groom the citizens of the future.

This year, REX Book Store commits itself to continue investing time, effort and resources to ready the community in supporting and rearing a whole child. With its well-knit symphony of learning solutions, the company hopes to inspire educators to maximize their influence, be more creative in teaching values and knowledge to the students of today. Its ongoing programs like the SHS Work Immersion Program is just one of the initiatives that the company is doing in order to bridge resources from private institutions to the learners who need training. The campaign that approaches teaching through a holistic and practical application is growing and developing, and it’s REX Book Store hope that we can all share the same commitment for the cause.

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