Kilay is life!!!! Really Mommshies, we must never underestimate the power of Eyebrows!


Wake up with makeup is really the trend nowadays. People love to take selfies from the moment they get up early in the morning and before sleeping. 


One of the challenges of women nowadays and (even men too!) are having perfect eyebrows. If you’re ready to wake up with makeup, Eyebrowdery has opened its branch in Newport Boulevard, Pasay City.  This is to cater to their growing clients in the South area introducing new services that everyone will surely look forward to availing. Eyebrowdery Newport offers the following services 3D Eyebrow Embroidery, 3D Eyebrow Embroidery + Ombre, Korean BB Glow, Lip Tint Embroidery, Ultherapy, Laser Tattoo removal and many more. Eyebrowdery accepts clients who don’t have brows, don’t know how to their brows or touch-ups to maintain their perfect brows. 


Miss Nika Guillen, franchise owner says “Beautiful eyebrows says a lot! The treatment has been popular in the last decade in certain parts of Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore and now catching up here in the Philippines! We must never underestimate the power of Eyebrows! In order to get the best results, come to your appointment well rested and hydrated because it takes a few hours, but it’s definitely worth it! You will really see the difference right away and it lasts a long long time!  Miss Nika Guillen is a registered Nurse and trained Master Artist of Eyebrow Embroidery. She is very much excited to beautify a lot of women and even men who need help with their brows! 



Eyebrow embroidery is not just for celebrities, it’s for anyone who likes “no makeup” look! It will make your mornings and beauty regimen simple and fuzz-free. You will love waking up with to perfect brows! 



Eyebrowdery Newport is located at Cluster 1, A1 Ground Floor, 101 Newport Boulevard, Pasay City and is now ready to accept appointments. Call 09563022707 or 09399223218 and (02) 6921106.