Mommshies, this Momma’s nails have never tried gel polish before, so when I got the chance to a nail pampering sesh, I quickly jumped in.

I always pass by Aguirre street whenever I’m inside BF Paranaque Village. And I always see Get Polished Nail & Waxing Salon along the way and somehow promised myself that one day I’m gonna try their services. Well, it finally happened last May 17 via an invitation to the launch of Korean brand Bandi’s Cheering Coral Collection.

Looks can be deceiving so they say because, from the outside, the salon seems small, but it is actually very spacious inside. The light-colored wall interiors must have added to this, as bright colors make rooms bigger and more inviting.

GP owner (3rd from Left), Rachel Concepcion with trusted partners from Bandi Phils.

The salon can accommodate around 12-15 clients at a time, considering that they have an ample number of manicurists that can attend to incoming clients. The best part is, if availing a mani/pedi, you will have two staff attending to you – a manicurist and a pedicurist! Talk about real pampering!

Getting gel manicure is not easy pala ha. Before actually putting on the layers of gel polish, a special nail solution is put first as a base coat or primer. A layer is painted on and you place your hand under a UV nail lamp for approximately 30 seconds. And you repeat this around 4-5 times! Once it is cured, it’s hard enough to last within three weeks or even a month. And, you can have it removed only by a professional. Wow, tough momma! ( as of this writing, even after a session of laundry, it’s still intact)

Now let’s get to the Gel Polish. Bandi is a Korean brand which is safe for pregnant and expecting Mommshies as it is DPB free, high gloss, long-lasting and quick to dry. Eco-friendly! It has 8 shades of Cheering Coral all soothing to the eye. Cheering Skin, Pink, Mint, Dia (Teal), Coral, Orange, Yellow, and Green. I would have wanted the Green but someone else beat me to it so I ended up with Dia or Teal which is just good. I liked it.

Me and Kathy Kenny Ngo, side by side enjoying the ride.
Teal is a steal!

Next month, I’m gonna have that Green shade!

Cheers to Bandi’s Cheering Coral Collection 2019!

Get Polished Nail & Waxing Salon is located at:

189-B Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Phase 3, Paranaque City

Tel. No. +63 2 2630754. Cellphone No. +63 9175779494