When you say French bread, what usually come to mind is the baguette and its varieties, right? But there are other French bread and pastries out there like their loaves called pain de Campagne (loaf bread), pain complet (whole grain loaf), pain de seighle (loaf of rye bread), and pain au levain(sourdough bread).

Sounds like Pan De Sal? Seems like our own Pan De Sal can be French made? Anything is possible if you really want to achieve it. And that’s what Sir Antoine of Delroy French Bread did. Wow, our very own Pan De Sal leveled up!

When I saw the Pan de Sal on display, I thought, ‘Looks like our pan de sal, but bigger. I wonder what it tastes like.’ Well, one bite made me realize its difference.  Full, fluffy, right to the bite! We asked Sir Antoine why it tastes like so and he told us that it is because of the main ingredients – French Butter and Milk. Makes sense – that is where the difference lies.

Delroy is not limited to just Pan de Sal alone. They also offer other delicious oven-fresh products like Sour Dough Loaf, Vienna Loaf, Bagel, Vienna Roll, Chocolate Chip Cookie and Choco Nuts Cookie among others.

Plus they also have cheese and cold cuts to go with their wines. Perfection!


They are open from 5:00 AM to 9 PM. Delroy has loads of promos so call them up or visit soon if you are within the area.

For deliveries and for more information: Message them on their Facebook Page, or call 420-9242. *Minimum order of 150 pesos*

Delroy French Pan De Sal is located at 268 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Parañaque City.
(Beside Sing Sing Samgyupsal Restaurant)