My only son Jozef complains of skin outbursts and irritations once in a while. When he was growing up, I noticed pimple-like patches on his back. Back then I interpreted it as just part of growing up things with teenagers.

Last year, I just realized that the culprit is actually, bread. We experimented on not having bread for some time and lo and behold, allergy is gone. We love eating bread for breakfast and it seemed like we are going to be deprived of it because of his condition. And then HeartyBread came along courtesy of two good friends. Let’s see how my son reacted to it, Mommshies.

First, I was amazed that Hearty Bread has lots of varieties! So I and my son can really enjoy everything that was on the big basket of goodies. We just can’t taste everything in one sitting. Well, with a little help from friends yeah. I had to let a few friends taste ’em too! We got Moringa Sourdough Pan De Sal, Multi-Grain Sourdough Loaf, Premium Sourdough Loaf, Multi-Grain Sourdough Loaf, Banana Almond Loaf, and the intriguing Cheesy Charcoal Almond Loaf.

My son tried almost all of the bread one day at a time, paying attention to localized areas of his arms where the irritations usually appear. When he eats bread it takes just a few hours for the red patches to show up. My heart leaped with joy Mommshies! Not a single pimple-like thingy on his arms. Amazing! So now, we can eat and enjoy our favorite pieces of bread to our heart’s content. Thank you Hearty Bread!

Okay, so with that knowledge about gluten-free bread, how and when did Hearty Bread came about?


The Hearty Bread Brand story

Evan Dykimching and Vicson Ngo are the people behind Hearty Bread – a group of young entrepreneurs who decided to develop bread alternatives for those with dietary requirements and need special attention.

The company started out as suppliers for some of the major hospitals in the Metro. They cater to doctors and in-house patient with conditions mentioned above. Evan recounts “When one of our family member got confined in the hospital, we were surprised that the price of our bread were quite high due to several administrative fees”

With the company’s desire to promote affordable and quality health, they created the brand “Hearty Bread” to make healthy bread readily available and affordable to the general public.

To give you an idea, if you are not familiar with the price of the Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free market, other producers are selling at 500php to 600php per loaf. For most people, this price tag is very expensive.

Hearty Bread invested in research & development for 2 years in order to come up with bread that is double the size and sell them at half the price. Hearty Bread’s Almond Loaf line retails at only 180Php for the plain Almond Loaf while their Cheesy variants – Cheesy Charcoal and Cheesy Coffee are pegged at 250php/loaf.

They also have other products such as their Sourdough/Probiotic line which includes Malunggay Sourdough Pandesal which sells at 40php/6pcs, while their other Sourdough loaf sells at 115php. Hearty Bread’s Fruit loaves are also in demand, Banana Sourdough Loaf retails at 200php, Banoffee Walnut Sourdough Loaf and Pumpkin Carrot Sourdough Loaf sells at 280php/ Loaf. These are all Gluten-Free/Sugar-free!

A lot of other products are in the pipeline and are being developed which gives those who are into this type of diet something to look forward to.

Evan also shares the secret to making their bread available at a very low price – “We can really lower the cost of our products since we produce them commercially in volume quantities. We also own the lot where our facilities operate so we don’t pay rent.”  He further explains “We make our bread affordable not to kill the market price but to make these healthy bread affordable and help those who are burdened, to begin with.

Gluten-free bread is for everyone, Mommshies. Not because you are healthy, you should not consume them. The truth is, it can also benefit your health. Here’s why: It improves memory, reduces bloating and manage acid reflux. It also increases fertility and lowers risk of miscarriages; regulates female hormones thereby reducing dysmenorrhea. Reduces acne and manages eczema, brightening complexion; regulates anemia, regulates bowel movement, and manages joint pain.

Other benefits include: regulate weight, reduces migraine, lowers blood pressure, sleep better, manage depression, breathe better, regulate blood sugar, reduce gum disease and clearer vision.

So go and grab Hearty Bread now at the following stores and partners:

  • Rustan’s Santolan Town Plaza

  • Rustan’s Paseo de Magallanes

  • Rustan’s Glorietta

  • Rustan’s Shangri La Plaza Mall

  • Rustan’s Katipunan

  • Eastwood Weekend Market

  • Alabang

  • Paranaque

  • Bonifacio Global City

  • U.P. Town Center Weekend Market

  • Mediscount Del Monte

  • Mediscount E. Rodriguez

  • Zomato

  • Grab

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