Langnese Honey unveils its flavorful variants with “Find Your Honey”

Good things in life come in sweet portions. Langnese Honey, a leading honey brand in Germany, recently gathered members of the media to a degustation experience entitled “Find Your Honey” to relaunch its delectable #LangneseHoney variants. 


TV personality Janeena Chan hosted the savory treat held on September 17 at The Wholesome Table where guests were served with the restaurant’s organic and signature offerings –drinks, appetizers/entrées, main dishes, and desserts – mixed with mouthwatering Langnese Honey variants, no less.


“Fly Ace Corporation is committed to bringing the best of the world’s food and beverages to every Filipino home, and we are excited to be the first to introduce a wide variety of flavors here in the Philippines,” shared Ramon Daez, General Manager of Fly Ace Corporation. 


Aside from discovering the uses of honey in cooking, media guests also learned about the positive moods/feelings that each of the Langnese variant evokes: Feel light (Wild Lavender), Feel strong (Black Forest), Feel optimistic (Acacia), Feel delighted (Wild Flower), and Feel relaxed (Golden Clear). 


“Langnese Honey enhances one’s mood when one knows the right variant that perfectly complements the food. It is known for its purity and versatility, which makes it a kitchen staple that can warm the hearts of Filipino consumers,” said Emie San Beda, Senior Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation.    


With the tagline, “The brand that stands for nature,” the Find Your Honey event was aimed at allowing the media to enjoy the well-balanced flavors of Langnese Honey and discover its culinary uses to elevate any dish – from salads and glazed fish to the famous Filipino drink, sago’t gulaman. 


Sweet and savory, these flavors make sure to suit the lifestyle needs of Filipino foodies and satisfy the varying tastes and preferences of honey lovers.


Media guests also had fun drizzling generous portions of honey on their food as restaurant chef Patricia Ancheta gave expert tips on how to do the right Langnese Honey pairing to enhance the flavor of food and bring about the good in one’s mood. 


Langnese Honey variants are available in supermarkets nationwide. The favorite German honey brand is all-natural and unfiltered, so it retains the natural goodness of honey without compromising its taste and nutritious benefits. It comes in five decadent flavors – namely, Golden Clear, Wild Flower, Acacia, Black Forest, and Wild Lavender.


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Langnese Honey is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in supermarkets nationwide.