BF Homes in Paranaque City is home to a lot of restaurants be it Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean Samgyupsals. Honestly, although I haven’t been to Korea, I developed this addiction to Korean food (bitten by the bug!), but lately though I have been declining Samgyupsal invites. But when I saw the invitation of a Southie friend to review a Korean Restaurant that is NOT an eat-all-you-can thing, I was in.

First off, Jja Wang is a very intimate place, which can only accommodate around 30-40 pax. Perfect for those who would want to enjoy their food in a quiet setting. Their white wall is simply adorned with Chinese and Korean graffiti.

We were greeted by the owners, husband and wife team – Nice and Chef Hoon, who not only cooks his creations but also does marketing as well.  Chef Hoon did hotel stints here and in Cebu City but chose to have his own restaurant aiming to let Korean food lovers avail of his recipes in the most affordable way. Southies are lucky to have his first branch here at BF Homes. I can’t wait for what Chef Hoon prepared for us!

For the appetizer, we were served Yang Jang Pee  (assorted fried veggies and seafood with homemade mustard), They said that it is good with 4-6 people drinking Soju. For the main course, we had Palbo dup bob, with eight different kinds of ingredients, stir-fried, with special sauce and chili oil. , Mapo Tofu (tofu with ground pork, black pepper, and onion), and Nanjawans (deep-fried  Korean Chinese meatballs with crunchy vegetables). This one is a hit because of the meatballs which are very lean and have no trace of fat at all.

I am a sweet tooth and I love Bingsu ( Mango, Watermelon, and Choco) so when they served our dessert, I’m close to crying because it is to die for! Its the best Bingsu I have tasted so far. Thank you Chef Hoon! But wait, there’s more!

Capping the sumptuous meal, of course, is coffee. And my goodness, I thought I’m done praising their creations but no. Their Dolce Cold Brew is waiting for me! Delicious! This espresso-based brew is balanced with just the right amount of milk that is why it is so appealing to Pinoy taste buds.

Oh, did I mention that even when you order a simple bowl of noodle, there’s a free mini Bingsu that goes with it? So generous right?

Mommshies, if you’ve had enough of Samgyups and would still want to have more of Korean dishes, Jja Wang is a must-visit! I am bringing my friends there soon!

Jja Wang is located at 122 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. City. Call (02) 82469069 ext:406