Do you know my Lola Remedios? Well, if not, let me introduce her to you here.

I am sure all of us has a Lola (grandmother). We wouldn’t be born in this world, after all if we don’t have one! My Lola’s (maternal side) name is Modesta and I practically grew up with her. My paternal Lola was living in Tuguegarao, Cagayan so we hardly see each other.

My Lola Muding is a healer so to speak because she does ‘Hilot’ every time we don’t feel well. She has a special oil and chants in Latin whenever she does that. She has a paper to scribble on special symbols or whatever then puts it right where we say the pain is. In a few minutes, just like magic, it’s gone! I miss her doing that to me, whenever I feel sick now.

Today though, I am happy to have met Lola Remedios who, like my Lola Muding, heals me whenever I feel sick. Lola Remy may not be able to touch me physically, but she has her own healing powers. And why is that?

Actually, Lola Remedios is not even a real person. Lola Remedios is an all-natural food supplement syrup which contains mint, honey, ginger, clove and fennel – ingredients that are used to help ease cough with colds. The same ingredients, my Lola Muding gives her apos (grandchildren) whenever they are not feeling well.

There was a time I had to scour (sold out!) all Mercury Drugstores near me just to get one because of my sore throat!

How to use Lola Remedios then?

Packed in a box of 12s in 15ml sachet, shake it well, open and take directly from the sachet. As simple as that. And then you will feel the special ‘Hagod’ or rubbing sensation on your throat as if it is being massaged. A word of caution though, pregnant and lactating moms are advised to consult their doctors first before taking the supplement. And Mommshies, keep it away from the sunlight to preserve its efficacy.

So there! Now that you know who my Lola Remedios is, I suggest you meet her also. You can see her at all Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, and 7-11. Heck, I even saw her here at our village’s Sari-sari store.

Thank you, Lola Remedios!