Mommshies, I am in denial sometimes but I totally accept it. Yes, I am getting old. And with it comes the graying of my hair. And the more you age, the gray hair is more eager to come out at a faster rate!

Good thing I was introduced to this brand which totally changed my buying habit when it comes to hair coloring products.

First of all, it’s good to know that Novelina Zeelke Cream Color is a Japanese brand which has always been known to be of good quality. Novelina Zeelke Cream Color is a permanent coloring product which is available in Natural Black, Asian Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Chestnut Brown, Golden Brown, Burgundy and Crimson Red. Lately I want to color my hair either blonde or ash gray but I was told that I can’t yet because my last application was on the black side. So I was contented with trying on their Chestnut Brown this time.


Wow, I felt no irritation, no itchiness on my scalp Mommshies, which I usually experience whenever I have my hair dye. And it has no strong odor, perfect for my sensitive scalp. Vibrant color-yes! Drying of the hair-nope! Affordability-triple yes!

It is sooo worth it for P165, you get to have a new hair color and that’s almost three times savings if you will go to a known salon to have your hair done. Novelina is made up of Polygonum Mulltiflorum, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Moringa Oleifer, Silk Powder and Pearl Powder and it doesn’t contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Saan ka pa?


Best of all Mommshies, its super easy to prepare! Time to make the big switch!