I am not proud to say that the Philippines is leading in Southeast Asia’s highest countries with Covid 19 cases. And it is not slowing down. It is scary, right? I myself would not dare to go out and be brave as if nothing can harm me even if I take all the Vitamins and supplements necessary to ward off bacteria and viruses.

Indeed, it is not enough that we wear masks and face shields, drown ourselves with disinfectants nor practice social distancing to a T! We cannot be 100% assured that we will be safe inside our workplaces or even our own homes for that matter, with the kind of mutation this virus is evolving into. Experts say that it is more contagious and spreads easily. So, what should we do?

Even indoor, we need to be in a sterile, clean and safe surrounding. It is not enough that we mop the floors or heavily spray the whole house with disinfectants laden with chemicals. This is where Dr. Zen’s Purifirst comes in.

Dr. Zen has three available air purifiers suited for your specific needs:

  1. PuriFirst Advance was developed by bringing together technological innovation and unparalleled performance producing the latest generation of smart air purification.
  2. Purifirst 7 Filters

  • Kills bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.
  • Has highly efficient seven air purifier filters purposely to filter and resolve.
  • Filter out even the tiniest particles such as molds, dust, and allergens up to 99.99% purification rate with an outstanding High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.
  • Operates with advanced odor system that quickly reads the air environmental differences.
  • User-friendly control panels and uses a light-color indicator, making air cleaning extra effortless.

3. Purifirst Car Air Purifier is a portable device to make you enjoy clean air wherever you go. It is built with antiviral technology utilizing H13 medical grade HEPA filter and Copper-Silver ion antiviral PET Skeleton.

Mommshies, the air we breathe inside a closed space is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted and toxic than what we breathe outdoors. The longer exposure to this, the higher the risk of developing respiratory problems and other ailments such as asthma and allergies.

Choose the right purifier with HEPA filter such as Purifirst . It can filter out ultrafine particles that commonly lead to health issues such as molds, dust, and allergens, with up to 99.9% purification rate.

Air purifiers maybe costly but proves to be valuable in the long run especially when it comes to our health. It is better to sleep soundly at night than to worry with health bills. Have Purifirst by your side.

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Be safe and protected!