For a soon-to-be senior citizen like me, I never really care about keeping myself slim and sexy. Been there, been that! And I never even want to have a love life anymore. I am way past that! But the thing is, I have a 25-year-old son who is at this point in time, at his prime, and who is bent on keeping fit. And what’s a good Mommshie like me can do to make her son be at his best? Support him in any way I can!

So, when I chanced upon this weight loss program of Forever Living called C9 Cleansing, I immediately recommended it to him. Being a millennial who is always on the internet, he googled the program first and liked what he saw on reviews. And so, our journey begins. I say ‘OUR’ because I’m doing the cleansing too! Not for anything else, but more on detoxifying my body. And it’s going to be cool, right? Witness a mother and son’s journey to health and fitness!

So, what exactly is this C9 Nutritional Cleansing Program? It’s not actually a diet program but more of detox to jumpstart your body to a healthier and better you. And what’s nine (9) days to achieve it? Peanuts!

And when the package arrived, we immediately opened it, excited to get things started.

The box contains the following:

  • 2 Forever Aloe Gel bottles – the gel from the inner leaf of the Aloe Vera plant. Nutritional and cleansing. Put them in the fridge straight away coz they taste better chilled.
  • 1 Forever Lite Ultra pouch (chocolate or vanilla) – nutritionally balanced soy protein shake.
  • 60 Garcinia soft-gels – take 2 gels 30 mins before food.
  • 1 box (30) Forever Fiber sachets – helps keep you feeling full.
  • 30 Forever Therm tablets – works on the metabolism. As the name implies, this will make you really sweat!
  • Tape Measure and C9 Flyer

The C9 Flyer will get you through the whole cleansing program. Just follow everything it says and you’re good to go. And so, we thought.

After initially weighing ourselves and taking photos to document our journey, we started our Day 1-2 with 2 Garcinia soft-gels and then wait 30 minutes. Then take 120ml of the Aloe Gel drink, followed by 250ml of water and a Therm tablet.

For snack time, we each took a sachet of fiber dissolved in water. It is tasteless if you take it as it is but you can have it on your natural juices for you to fully enjoy it.

Then for lunch, we had another couple of Garcinia, waited 30 minutes, and had another 120ml of Aloe Gel, along with a Therm tablet. It is basically a repeat of our breakfast but with a scoop of shake with Almond milk. Other types of milk suggested are skim milk, fat-free, soy, or coconut milk. By this point, I was actually expecting to be hungry since we haven’t taken any solid foods. And remember, we Pinoys love to eat rice in the morning! Surprisingly though, we’re still good! I experienced just a teeny weensy bit of manageable hunger pangs which easily subsided with water.

Dinner is also a repeat of what we had for breakfast except before going to bed, we should take another 120ml of Aloe Vera. Day 1, a success.

Take note that we have to exercise for this program to fully materialize. For me, 30 minutes of walking in front of my laptop (YouTube is my BFF here) is enough but for my son, it’s a different ball game. He lifts weights and does much strenuous exercise since he can do it. Ayayay, for me, walking is good enough.

It is really important to drink plenty of water during the nine days. Water can also help curb your appetite.

Just in case you feel hungry there are Free Foods that we are allowed to eat. Have them in moderation though. What worked for me is Cucumber and Apples. Do not take sweet fruits like Mango which is high in sugar. Melon and watermelon plus veggies such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, lettuce, asparagus, and Kale are the best.

Free Foods

If you got through Day 1, then Day 2 which is a repeat of Day 1 will not be a struggle. Fighting!

In Days 3-9, there’s a 600-calorie meal for women and an 800-calorie meal for men taken either lunch or dinner. We chose to have it at lunch. My son and I are ecstatic Hahaha! Finally, a real meal within the day!

                                                                         Chicken Breast with Veggies and Aglio Olio both prepared by Josh.

Fasttrack to Day 9. Wow, this is it! Our last day on the program. So happy that we have reached this far and actually feeling lighter already, we are looking forward to our final weigh-in on the 10th day.

Our Before and After Pics

And here are our final weigh-in pics. Do you see the difference Mommshies? What I noticed and love about this program is it targeted my belly part where fats are usually stored. Lost a few good inches and am proud of it! My son Josh lost 10 pounds while I only lost 8 lbs. Well, he exercises more than I do anyway. Good for him.

What a transformation, right? Proud of my son!

In conclusion, this unique detox program really works! There is a challenge, yes, but you can overcome it. You can do a repeat of this program after a week or two. Or you may level up your weight loss journey with the FIT15 or FIT30 Program. But that’s another story! My son Josh is so hooked on the C9 program that he is continuing with the FIT30.

Unhealthy snacks and chips are now a no-no for me and my son. Hurray!

Admittedly, my son and I are certified, junkie addicts. But with the C9 program, I am proud to say that we are now able to skip the Chips and Snack Section in the supermarket. It’s the greatest achievement we got out of this journey and we are genuinely happy!

Do you have health and weight problems Mommshies? It’s time for you to take action! Visit (1) Forever4u | Facebook and just leave a message with the CODE: JennyRP and I will get back to you soonest. I can assist you with your queries and will help you achieve your goals, promise!