With its new line of products, Polident empowers “pustiso” ( dentures) wearers to smile in the face of challenges.

The pandemic has drastically changed our everyday lives. For a lot of Filipinos, it created difficult situations and challenges that we never prepared for. However, throughout the lockdowns, the quarantines, and the uncertainty; Filipinos have this uncanny ability to smile even in the most difficult of situations. The truest testament of Filipino resilience is the inspiring power of a simple smile because it’s an uplifting beacon that tells other people “we can get through this together” that no matter how hard or daunting things may be #KapitLangAngSmile.

This is true as well for denture-wearers. This month, Polident celebrates Pustiso Care Month, highlighting denture-wearers who do their best to stay positive amid the challenges of the pandemic. Its line of products is designed to help them keep their smile on, no matter what, such as the Polident Denture Cleanser and the Polident Denture Adhesive.

To keep flashing that smile, Polident is reminding denture-wearers that it is important to wear your dentures every day as your teeth run the risk of shifting, causing your dentures to no longer fit. Other problems of prolonged lack of use include, dentures drying out and deforming if they are not properly soaked.

 Caring for dentures with Polident

There is a range of products to keep dentures in place. Polident is the leading denture care brand and has all the necessary products to care for and maintain false teeth.

One of its key products is the Polident Denture Adhesive, a cream that holds dentures (pustiso) in place. It can secure dentures for up to 12 hours, giving wearers confidence to face the day. Polident Adhesive also helps seal out food so it doesn’t get stuck in between teeth while chewing. The Fresh Mint variant gives that clean feeling, while Flavor Free is perfect for those who don’t want it to interfere with the taste of food.

It is also important to clean dentures the right way to prolong their life. Dentures are softer than real teeth so they require special care. Brushing with toothpaste may scratch the surface, leading to bacteria growth. A daily cleaning routine is essential since food particles and plaque stick to dentures the same way they do to teeth. There are numerous cleaning products available in the market, including soaking solutions, creams, and cleansers.

The Polident Denture Cleanser is a soak that cleans dentures, retainers, and mouth guards. It contains four powerful ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria and remove plaques and stains. The Polident Cleanser kills 10 times more bacteria than regular toothpaste, so wearers can feel and smell fresh all day. This comes in two variants: a three-minute cleanser for those on the go, and a whitening solution for that dazzling smile.

Soaking keeps dentures clean, especially when a mild denture cleaning solution is added to the water.[1] This also removes particles in between teeth that bristles cannot reach.

Life may continue to present its challenges but they are easier to face with a smile. For pustiso-wearers, Polident helps them stay smiling. For more information, visit polident.com.ph or facebook.com/PolidentPH.

As Filipinos are known to be resilient, nothing can take away our welcoming smiles for everyone!

SMILE, Mommshies!



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[1] https://denturehealthcare.com.au/how-to-care-for-your-dentures-dos-and-donts/