Oritigas, Manila (April 6, 2019) – Rising Era Dynasty, (RED) distributors of high-quality nutritional products that are not just for humans but for plants and livestock as well, successfully held its very first-ever Bloggers Conference.

Attended by more than a hundred distributors, brand partners, and business associates together with the esteemed bloggers present, the event proved to be, not just a presentation of the company and its products but a learning lesson as well.

Today, everyone knows the merits or worth of network marketing which RED adheres to. If you are in the company of a networker, then you are lucky because these people know what to do with their time and money in today’s economy. In this event, the attendees gained more knowledge and most importantly, values in network marketing.

RED started a few years back distributing its first line of products for agriculture which is the Grand Humus Plus. October of last year, RED re-branded and officially launched, bringing along a new set of premium products.

What makes RED stand out against its competitors is its heart – stemming from their own President and CEO, Mr. Jayant Red Era. Unlike any other networking company which focuses on profits and commissions, Era believes in helping people not just to achieve their financial goals but their health as well, which can obviously be seen in their existing roster of products.

“This is the only industry which produced so many millionaires, in so little time”, Era said. Done properly, we can be of help to many with the great products that we carry right now. And, there is a big probability of us becoming number one in the industry”.

On the other hand, RED VP for Marketing Mr. Sam Ortega explains how distributors benefit from this business. “Here at RED, we do not have a middle man like those of the traditional brick-and-mortar business where profits intended for the sellers or distributors are actually taken off”, he said. The distributors themselves will earn directly from their efforts”, Ortega said in closing.

Jedi Dancel

Meanwhile, Jedi Dancel, Digital Marketing Consultant of RED recognizes the role of bloggers today that he devised an exclusive method of how they can actually earn in RED by simply blogging or writing an article, without even selling a single product. This definitely piqued their interest and would like to know more. And to which I, my dear readers cannot divulge to you here.

RED manufacturing partner Nanusci Inc.’s Chief Biologist and CEO Ms. Sheila Tiru together with the licensed medical doctor and Head of the Regulatory & Research & Dev’t Dr. Buena Aquino talked on how top-selling RED GoEssential products are safely and carefully cultured, harvested and manufactured in their clean and safe laboratories. The RED GoEssentials comprises of RED GoGreen, RED GoZyme, and RED GoDefend.


Ms. Sheila Tiru, CEO and Chief Biologist of Nanusci

To serve the rising clamor for beauty products, RED now has natural organic soap bars: RED Natural Organic Whitening Soap, RED Organic Sea Salt Soap, and RED Organic Algae Soap. To beat the bite, RED’s newest products is an anti-mosquito lotion to eventually beat the rising and fatal mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue, Zika Virus, Malaria, and Chikungunya. The RED Soaps and the RED anti-mosquito lotion are all formulated by Kyzox Innovations Corporation headed by Founding Chairman Dr. Martin Francois.

Kyzox founder Dr. Martin Francois

RED’s highly-preferred organic solution for soil and plants – Grand Humus Plus and Grand Humivet for livestock, were also explained thoroughly by Mr. Toni Pelegria and Mr. Brian Biri respectively.

Indeed, Rising Era Dynasty made a mark on all the attendees during the Bloggers Conference and looks forward to more in the days to come.

For more information about RED, visit https://redinc.net/ or find them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/red.risingera.77