So many things to celebrate in June – from Freedom Day to Father’s Day and other max and mini celebrations in between.


What better way for Pinoys to bring on the good vibes and keep the laughter rolling than with good food and free-flowing, ice-cold beer? Not just any beer though. But high-quality craft beers made by the finest independent Filipino brewers.


Philippine Craft Kings (PCK), curators of the freshest and widest variety of craft beers from the best local brewers, has cooked up a two-day event that will showcase the best brands of locally brewed craft beer paired with good food.


Called Beer Fiesta, Katipunan ng Mga Alak ng Bayan, the party is a non-stop fun event that happened on June 16 and 17 at Pop Up Katipunan at 273 Katipunan Avenue corner Xavierville Avenue from 12 noon to 10 p.m. both days.


On tap are over 20 craft beer brewers, all in one place, serving up good times with their impressive new beers with names like Katipunan Craft Ales, Nipa Brew, Gresh Brew, Three Foxes Brewery, Matimya’s Brewery, Pule, Beer Bunny, Engkanto, Flat Foot, Crows, Boondocks, Bulul, Santiago, 3006 Brewery, Santa Maria Craft Brewery, Kumintang, Marc & Tony, Gypsy Brewery, Treeline Ales, Banayad Craft Brewery and Manila Mashers. Made by passionate brewers and connoisseurs of amber brew from different parts of the country, guests will have great fun experiencing the different types and flavors of craft beer at the event. Other quality Pinoy booze is also on the menu.


Besides booze and food, Beer Fiesta had live music and special events like Jambeeree, a themed beer competition; Mashers Cup, a creative beer competition among homebrewers; Beer Supremo, where guests can vote for their favorite brewer, a Beer Quiz and lots of beer games. Special deals and treat packages can be availed of through Fiesta Passport, where guests can choose the ways they would like to experience the Beer Fiesta best.

PCK CEO Jazel Justiniani Paraiso says they’re holding Beer Fiesta, to introduce Filipinos to “locally crafted beers that will change their lives forever” and to celebrate Freedom Month.


“We figured you deserve to experience Filipino-made booze that tastes better and offers more alcohol variants for every occasion — be it yoloing it up in the club, a Friday night in with the boys, or binge-watching your favorite series. There are light and sweet beers like blonde ales and wheat beers, beers that are clean and crisp like pilsners and pale ales, and strong, bold beers like IPAs and dark beers. Do you know that craft beer has actual health benefits and it has no preservatives?” Ms. Paraiso said.

Craft beers are brewed in a traditional and non-mechanized way in small batches by a small brewery, she explained… “Unlike beer from the big dogs, we put our heart and soul into making a quality brew. This means our beer is not watered down because we don’t scrimp on the alcohol and amazing ingredients, like hops, malts, and barley. And because it’s that good, it gives you just the right buzz you need in less time than your average beer and with fewer trips to the bathroom, too. Craft beers are also pretty loaded with nutrients—more than red wine in some cases! Look it up on the internet and you’ll be happy to know quality beer has some B vitamins in it as well as antioxidants.”


Beer Fiesta is open to everyone and admission is free though it is highly recommended to get the P1500 beer passport to try a beer from every booth and take home a t-shirt at the finish. For more information, visit or contact 09175148118.