There’s no denying that Love Before Sunrise has taken us to a rollercoaster ride of emotions, most especially when it comes to love. We’ve seen what the characters of Atom, Stella, Czarina, and Roald have done and can do for love—what they’re willing to fight for, to sacrifice, and to go through hurt and pain for. 


That the lead actors of the show—Bea Alonzo, Dennis Trillo, Andrea Torres, and Sid Lucero—also have strong perspectives on love and relationships helps in drawing out their characters and bringing them to life. But have you ever wondered if they’re all aligned with their thoughts about matters of the heart? Viu Philippines spent a day with the Love Before Sunrise cast to ask them questions about love and relationships. Read on to find out more!


On staying single or looking for love

For almost 30 years, I’ve been looking for someone who will match with me. Should I wait and let destiny do its magic or should I settle?”


Asked about waiting or pursuing, the ladies agree that a person should allow love to take its natural course. “Ako, don’t look for love but let love find you. There is someone out there just for you,” says Bea. “Go through a journey of loving somebody and let them love you.” 


Andrea adds that people should never settle. “If you don’t feel like you found someone you truly love and shakes you to your core, then don’t settle.”


Funnily, the boys had humorous responses to the question. “I don’t think I’ll be able to wait 30 years. I’ll lower my standards a little bit after 30 years. Maybe don’t wait that long,” he laughs. “Find an alternative for the meantime—but it must be hard.”


Sid, however, offers a different perspective. “We live in a society that puts a lot of importance on relationships. The value of romance is so high. If there’s no one yet, maybe there’s a reason. Maybe the universe or some higher power is telling you something. Maybe work on yourself.” Yes, Sid—there is indeed merit in self-love in order to love others well.


On marrying the one you love 

Most men don’t marry the woman they love. They marry the woman that’s in their life when they’re ready to marry. Is this statement true or false?”


“I’ve heard this [before]. Women get married when they find one. But men get married depending on the timing,” shares Bea.  “I think it’s best when they meet both ways, when they love each other and they’re both ready to get married. Ang sarap kiligin kaya. But it’s also nice to have good timing.”


Bea and Andrea related the question to dating one’s best friends, which they acknowledged has its own risks. “If things go badly, you can never return your friendship. Sa una lang yung honeymoon stage, but you need to have a good foundation,” says Andrea.


“[But] what if  it would work, but you’re missing out on your chance? Personally, I would take that risk,” she adds.


On the boys’ side, Dennis and Sid balance Bea and Andrea’s insights “I always think that I’ll marry someone I love. But as I’ve gotten older, it’s not the most important thing. What’s most important is the companionship. And parang mas [importante] yun,” says Sid. 

Dennis reiterates, however, that it’s really important to find somebody that you want to be with every day. “It’s hard to settle on someone. You have to really find someone you love. It’s such a big decision and although, it’s really hard to find someone who you match 100%. Hindi pilitan yung pagkakasal.” 


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