“Love Before Sunrise” is the latest primetime drama series on Viu Philippines and GMA Network! The show tells the tale of two lovers who by fate cross paths and, as they eventually separate, their realization that they had found the right love at the wrong time. 

Picture this: Atom (Dennis Trillo) and Stella (Bea Alonzo) cross paths during a random bus ride, and just like that—sparks fly, leading to a whirlwind romance. At first, life is all sunshine for these two lovebirds. But hold on, drama lurks right around the corner when Czarina (Andrea Torres), Atom’s scheming boss, throws a curveball into their perfect love story by, well, getting pregnant with Atom’s baby.


Fast forward, and Stella, heartbroken and done with Atom’s antics, calls it quits. Atom, being the responsible man he is, reluctantly ties the knot with Czarina. Years pass, and life takes a few wild turns. Stella ends up with a controlling doctor named Roald (Sid Lucero), but tragedy strikes when Roald meets a nasty car accident and Stella loses their unborn child in the process. Now, she’s the family breadwinner.


On the other side of the story, Atom is drowning in Czarina’s lavish lifestyle. Eventually, fate brings Atom and Stella face to face again. Mixed emotions linger on screen: regret and longing for what could have been, and the realization that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t have let each other go. But they’re both stuck in unhappy marriages. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of forbidden and enticing love as Atom and Stella can’t help rekindling their feelings. 


As we near the much-anticipated finale, revisit ten pivotal moments that brought the show’s cosmic connections to life. 

  1. Atom discovers his shooting star. Meeting Stella in the middle of a bus ride, Atom tells himself: “Pagdarasal ko na sana batuhan rin ako ni Lord mula sa langit ng sarili kong shooting star.” After this, he encounters Stella’s shooting star tattoo, a sign of their eventual crossing and love. Little did they know that this astrological link would spark a love story filled with twists, turns, and full of surprises. 


  1. Family troubles. As Stella slowly falls for Atom because of his gentle and sweet heart, she soon receives devastating news about her family. Facing bankruptcy and the loss of the house, Stella’s entire family was scammed by a money lending agency. Scrambling to find a way to pay for her family’s debts, Stella is torn between pursuing her love for Atom and focusing on her family’s issues. During this financial chaos, Stella finds an ally in Atom, proving that love can be a powerful force not only in matters of the heart but also in overcoming life’s most challenging hurdles.
  2. Fate finds a way. Eventually, Atom and Stella keep meeting as fate has destined. However, the past haunts Atom as Czarina, his former lover, returns. “Don’t settle just because you don’t want to throw away your years together,” Atom reminds Czarina. “You deserve to be happy.” But Czarina, lurking amid the shadows beneath their relationship, seeks revenge. 
  3. Greener pastures. Czarina invites Stella to work abroad in Canada for a chance to earn more money for her family. Despite Czarina’s attempts to separate Atom and Stella, they remain together. Atom, to keep their bond alive, surprises Stella and proposes to tie the knot with her. “I want to be sure before I let you go,” Atom tells Stella. Time stops for Stella at this moment and her heart is filled with possibility. Her choice is clear: “Sigurado ako”. 
  • A clash of worlds. Atom has an intense fight with Stella. Later, he encounters her boss Roald in a bar and gets into a fistfight with him. Caught in the middle of a sticky situation, Stella has to choose between her caring boss and her jealous boyfriend. Who does she side with? The choice weighs on her, bringing her to a standstill. 
  1. Love tested. In the heart of an emotional whirlwind, Atom finds himself entangled in a web of secrets when he learns of Czarina’s pregnancy. Faced with the daunting task of concealing this revelation from his fiancé, Stella, Atom grapples with the impending storm that threatens to disrupt their happily ever after. As the tension mounts, the question looms: What will transpire when Stella discovers the hidden truth? Will she navigate the delicate situation with grace, or will the weight of the secret become a formidable obstacle, casting doubt on the future of their impending wedding? [35]
  1. Unraveling bonds. As Czarina’s pregnancy shatters the foundation of Stella and Atom’s love, chaos descends upon their lives in unexpected ways. Simultaneously, Atom is confronted with another heartbreaking challenge, as his father Artemio faces a life-threatening battle against cancer. In fractured relationships and imminent loss, the trio must navigate a tumultuous journey that will test their strength, resilience, and the enduring bonds that tie them together. [38]
  1. Riches and rifts. Caught in contrasting worlds, Atom finds himself navigating the opulence of Czarina’s life, testing the limits of their relationship. Meanwhile, Roald and Stella enjoy a seemingly harmonious life, until fate intervenes, reuniting the once-entangled hearts of Atom and Stella.
  1. Collision of fates. A chance encounter between Stella and Atom sets off an explosive chain of events, sparking a fierce confrontation between Roald and his wife, and Czarina and her husband. Tensions escalate to a breaking point, culminating in a tragic vehicular accident that forever alters the course of their intertwined destinies. Roald’s injury pains Stella as she struggles to take care of him.
  • The crossroads. Facing a crucial moment, Stella grapples with a heart-wrenching choice between her husband Roald and the captivating Atom. Will she follow the path of true love with Roald, or can she navigate a way to preserve her marriage with Atom? Stella embarks on a journey of self-discovery, wrestling with her emotions and making a decision that could reshape her life. [ep. 57]


What’s your favorite moment of the show? Do you agree with the show’s representations of love and relationships? Where do you see the show moving forward in its final run of episodes? 

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