In response to the government’s call to help grow our rice industry and ultimately uplift and support the welfare of our farmers, the Lingap Leads Foundation, an advocate for the recognition of our unsung heroes, launched an apt campaign called “Harvesting Reverence.”.
This campaign embodies a profound shift in perspective, aiming to rekindle credit for farmers’ essential contribution to our society, elevating them to their rightful place as stewards of our nation’s sustenance.
Lingap Leads Foundation prioritizes comprehensive initiatives that address the needs of our farmers with focus programs designed to help and support their lives. Some of these programs, which I think provide well not just for the farmers but for their families as well, are:
1. Lakbay Kalusugan – aims to make quality healthcare accessible by delivering free diagnostic test packages to underserved areas.
2. Angat Pinoy – A scholarship program to help farmers’ children to continue their studies.
3. Social EnterpRICE – under the Harvesting Reverence Program, this gives them access to Leads Agriventure’s premium Jackpot rice seeds. This seed variety not only ensures larger yields but also guarantees the production of premium-quality rice.
At the launch, we had the chance to partake of this Jackpot Rice, and true to its form, it is one of the best rice varieties I have tasted. The best part of it was, that I was given the chance to be a farmer for a day and experience how they plant this wonder rice.

Getting our hands dirty and stepping into the shoes of farmers for a day was the highlight of the worthwhile event. Experiencing firsthand the hard work that goes into producing the rice we eat daily. A newfound appreciation for our farmers and the labor of love they put into every grain!

Doing Good, while Doing Well
Mr. Max Ventura of Radyo CSR shared his take on Lingap Leads Foundations’ advocacy.  Here’s a clip of his attestation:
The whole day trip to the venue was worth it. It’s not every day that we get to feel and inhale the air blowing in a rice field on a sunny day. It’s indeed glorious to breathe clean and fresh air.
I’m taking this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking farmers who dedicate their lives to food production. Your tireless efforts ensure that we have nourishing food on our tables every day.
And a big thank you, Lingap Leads Foundation for your unwavering support and dedication to our farmers. Through your initiatives and programs, they are provided with essential resources, training, and assistance. Your efforts are truly making a difference! More power!