Mommshies, do you sometimes wonder what a Moroccan Bath is? It is said to be a traditional cleansing ritual of Moroccans to soften and whiten skin.

I had the opportunity to find out for myself and experienced it right at the heart of bustling Quezon City. Located at 94-A Don A. Roces Ave corner Scout Tobias, Barangay Obrero, Al Amirah Bath & Spa is a very accessible sanctuary waiting to be discovered.

Stepping inside, one will be greeted by an Arabic/Moroccan themed nook which is very inviting as if wanting you to just lounge and relax, momentarily forgetting the noise and stresses of the outside world.

Al Amira2 (3)
The very relaxing Arabic/Moroccan themed nook inside Al Amirah

After deciding on your type of service, your therapist will then escort you to their fully equipped bath and steam rooms to signal the start of your Moroccan bath experience. As I was used to bathing by myself, I wondered how I will take this first time encounter with someone scrubbing my body.

Amira steam room (2)
Their fully equipped bath and steam room

Well, not bad at all. As a matter of fact, it was indeed very relaxing and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Their bath helps relieve stress and pains as they only use authentic and organic products imported from the Middle East.

After the Moroccan bath, I had a good Swedish massage which made my body more relaxed and soothed my tired muscles. Al Amirah also has a retail line of organic skin care products, both manufactured in-house and imported abroad for those who would want to experience Al Amirah Moroccan Bath & Spa in the comforts of their home.

Amira massage room (2)
One of Al Amira’s massage rooms

Coming out of the bath and massage, you will be treated to a Moroccan Tea and sweets which will make you exclaim, “Ah, this is life!” And I will definitely be back for more!

Amira Moroccan Sweets (2)
A traditional Moroccan dessert with Tea will be served to complete your soothing experience

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