I know most people like to collect items, things and products they love. Some like to display antique pieces while others painstakingly arrange and place their beloved stamps in their stamp albums. I, on the other hand love to collect perfumes—signature perfumes at that.

Maybe I got this passion for perfume collection from my Mom. I used to envy her collection neatly arranged on her drawer inside their room. My Flight Attendant (FA) sister would always give her a new bottle whenever she arrives from her flight–lucky Mom! Well anyways, some of those were passed on to me when she was called by our Creator.

So, when an opportunity to review this new perfume from London arrived, of course, I immediately seized the chance. First off, I was intrigued by the name of the brand – Perfume Dessert. Oh wow! This single Mom is one hell of a sweet tooth too so I know that I will be hitting two birds with one stone here-I will be smelling good and would be sniffing desserts while doing a days’ work.

I showered myself everyday with the perfume so I could immerse properly for the review. Well, I should say that I practically ate all the scents! Read on.

The scents that I got were:

  1. Orange Mimosa Sherbet has a strong citrus scent for Male
  2. Cake Pops is more of a yes, cake smelling scent according to the variant. Love this scent!
  3. Cucumber Melon Cooler has a refreshing scent you can use everyday
  4. French Macaroon is also refreshing and not so sweet
  5. Peach Bourbon Popsicle has more strong orange feel so maybe it’s more for males, and
  6. Fruit Tart which is my second favorite because it’s just right and balanced.

perfume dessert3

Perfume Dessert Eau de Parfum (also referred to as EDP) which is guaranteed 100% from the UK, offers a 20-30% percent concentration of oils. These tend to have plenty of ‘waft’; staying power of anywhere from four to eight hours is a reasonable expectation. Because it can still be quite strong, apply lightly for a day – and more generously when you’re dressing up. For only P250 per bottle, it is so worth it for its quality and appearance.

Perfume dessert comes with 30 ml and crimped bottle, which retains the freshness of the perfume, it will not diffuse or avoid leakage.

Perfect for this season, Perfume Dessert’s elegant packaging is great not only for personal use but also for giveaways or gift for loved ones. It’s really an effortless, no need for extra wrapping or extra packaging-hurray!

Perfume dessert serves as a natural aphrodisiac too, because of its gourmand notes, and it contains pheromones, which really have aphrodisiac properties explaining the attraction when you are wearing one. That is why a neighbor actually told me earlier when I passed by him, “Jen, ang bango mo naman!”. ( Jen, you smell good!)

By the way, I shared some with my son who also loves to spray himself with perfume all over! And he loved it too! My basis of really saying that yes, Perfume Dessert met my discriminating standard.

To know more, visit their FB Page.