Name a place here in Manila where you can relax, eat and enjoy a truly authentic Filipino ‘hilot’ experience. Add to that, a sumptuous Pinoy buffet spread by no less than Chef Laudico and a café brimming with native coffee bean selection?

The beautiful mural of Tribu Babaylan Spa

Here comes Tribu Babaylan in Tomas Morato Quezon City. The name itself is captivating, relieving an era of ethnic Filipino groups of the pre-colonial Philippine Islands.

Tribu Babaylan’s Spa started with only four beds last June 16, 2011 in Sampaloc Manila. Founder and President Mr. Jefferson Catimbang opted to set-aside his corporate career to pursue the business in which he, together with his wife and partner, also thought of creating job opportunities for others through the establishment.


Tribu Babaylan’s Mission is “to be the Leading Spa that promotes Filipino ingenuity of Hilot Massage and other world-class Filipino services”; and aims “To be the first Spa, Restaurant and Café in the Philippines that promotes Filipino massages, authentic local dishes and finest Philippine Coffee beans”.

The business grew into 12 branches nationwide but now retains five (5) profitable corporate branches. Instead of expanding into small branches, Jeff decided to turn his vision into reality.

Husband and Wife team Jeff & Marianne Catimbang


With spa massages and health resorts here and there, you’ve pretty sure tried the Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massage. But have you tried the Filipino Hilot massage? How about the Dagdagay foot massage from Mt. Province? These are just some of the authentic traditional Filipino massages that they offer here at Tribu Babaylan. As a matter of fact, Jeff and his partners travelled all over the country to study the traditional art of Pinoy massage. You will be in good hands with their highly-trained therapists.  Experience the ‘hagod’ and feel the warmth of the Filipino touch; feel its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties and come out feeling relaxed and recharged.

tribu babaylan.footmassage


And after that rejuvenating experience from the spa, surely you will feel famished and ready to head on and devour Chef Laudico’s spread at Tribu Babaylan Restaurant.


The Philippines is home to more than 175 ethnic groups and up to 187 languages and dialects. This rich cultural diversity inevitably leads to one thing – a similarly diverse Philippine cuisine!

Travelling to all the regions just to try and sample their dishes would be too expensive right? Don’t fret now as you only have to be in one place, right in the heart of Quezon City and that is – TRIBU BABAYLAN.

The finest delicacies of Luzon, the intriguing spread of the islands of Visayas, and the best dishes of Mindanao is brought to you here at Tribu Babaylan Restaurant to satisfy your discriminating palate!  Best of all, this superb gastronomic encounter is made possible by renowned Chef Ronaldo Laudico.


tribu babaylan.chef


The Philippines is one of the few countries that grow the four major varieties of coffee, namely, Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. This distinction gives us a wide assortment of locally produced coffee.  From the first coffee tree planted in Batangas by Spanish monks around the year 1730, coffee production in the Philippines has since spread throughout the country, and converted us into a coffee loving nation.

You can have a taste of our country’s wide selection here at Tribu Babaylan Café. From Kalinga and Apayao coffee, to Cavite, Batangas, to Sorsogon, Palawan, Davao, and Bukidnon, Tribu Babaylan Cafe has it all here. With your cup of Joe, or should we say, Cup of Juan, you’ll get a taste of the full Filipino premium coffee experience from aroma to flavour.

You will also find photos of our great Filipino artists like the King of Comedy Dolphy hanging in their walls here. Nakakatuwa.

So Mommshies, what are you waiting for? Tribu Babaylan is definitely for the whole family. A trip you will never forget!

Sit with our last Filipina ethnic Tattoo artist in their lounge

***Tribu Babaylan is located at 102 Lot A and B, Sct. Dr. Lazcano St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Call  09560336909. Follow FB page: