The world is collapsing around us and our lives are spinning around the four walls of our homes, but our mothers’ efforts to satisfy all of our needs and provide us with a comfortable life have become much more apparent. Moms have consistently prioritized their families’ needs above their own, from regular housekeeping tasks such as cleaning and cooking to managing businesses or working a full-time job, assisting children in transitioning to blended learning, and seeking meaningful ways to bring happiness to households.

So, this Mother’s Day, McDonald’s celebrates the moms who tirelessly give their all just so their children have a happy life and a happy home. Through the launch of their new online video ‘Himbing’, McDonald’s makes us realize that celebrating moms doesn’t always have to come in grand gestures and luxury gifts. Sometimes, the best way to pay tribute to her is to give her what she needs the most— a break from everything to rest and relax, even just for a day. This, alongside hundreds of Filipinos who have expressed heartwarming relatability to the video, sheds light on the idea that giving our moms time to just slow down and breathe is truly one of the most valuable gifts we can give her.

According to Oliver Rabatan, McDonald’s Philippines Marketing & Channels Head, “McDonald’s has always been about ‘simple, feel-good moments. We hold that true in whatever we do and offer. In these extraordinary times, we wish that all the more for all the moms who work so hard to take care of their families. So, this Mother’s Day, we released a video to show just how easy and simple it is to give moms the gift they need the most: tulog na mahimbing. We hope we all remember that sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can make one the happiest.”


Give mom a well-deserved break and a treat to her McDonald’s favorites as a gesture of your love and appreciation.


See how McDo says #LoveKitaMa through this video: